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How To Learn Sign Language

“Learn How to COMMUNICATE!” | Jordan B. Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) | #Entspresso

11 Replies to ““Learn How to COMMUNICATE!” | Jordan B. Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) | #Entspresso”

  • Does anyone know exactly what’s he is talking about when he says, “start writing”. I understand that it’s important but I have no idea what I would even write about to begin with.

  • Yup you could know all kinds of knowledge however, if you can't Express yourself then you suppress yourself locking the potential of all your inner geniuses within staying at the lower end of your psychological needs and never becoming your greatest potential….living in survival without purpose… unfulfilled and meaningless without debate and argument always agreeable and unable to make soul resonating decisions to become filled up.

  • One opinion of mine that I think is really powerful is this:

    The massive importance for every individual to have an open mind, an ability which is I see as an absolute necessity for us to have in order to receive useful information from life, the world and other people correctly, as it is, uncorrupted by our own biases and ungrounded opinions, and it includes the willingness to let go of beliefs and ideas that by knowledge acquired this way reveal themselves to be unsustainable. To receive and believe facts when we perceive them even if they point to a truth or reality that we don't like. I truly believe that this is what we all need as individuals in order for us to evolve and expand our consciousness and make the world a better place, and I truly believe that a world without open-minded people will be a dark, hostile place full of prejudice, hate and violence, and full of people who acquire lots of dangerous, shortsighted habits that will destroy our environment and our society.

    This was a bit more than one sentence, but thank you for the challenge @Evan Carmichael, great video with a great message!

  • If you don't even consider reading this few sentences, you will be one of the few seeing the fall of our country. The education determines the future of our young population. So it directly affects the future of you, your loved ones and all of us. Unless we do reforms about it we are going to fall, fall down HARD.[insert solutions here]

  • I believe the utilization of identity politics will cause an inevitable moral and societal downfall never before seen in history.

  • Communication is the most important thing in the entrepreneurship .. so if u want to success in your buisness, u gotta learn how to communicate.

  • I believe that communicating on emotional level and speaking the truth is way too important for your message credibility.

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