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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn GHANA Sign Language Online with Marco! (GSL)

Hello, hello, hello! my name is Marco Stanley Nyarko Sign name is this: I am a Ghanaian and a native Ghanaian Sign Language user. Honestly, I love sign language because it is the only mode which assists me to meet my communication needs with everyone I meet. Sign language truly is my language. I am always excited to teach many people, enthusiastic to teach because I have the feeling that if everyone knows how to sign, communication won’t be a problem and an instant, thrilling communication will occur with people we meet. I want everyone to learn sign language. For you, my students, I want each and everyone of you to learn GSL as much as you can. I am all set to guide, teach, and help you as you take my classes. A lot of people have the notion that GSL is exactly like other sign languages around the world. Not true, they are not the same. I am here for you and ready to support you all through the course. Come to my class, I’m here for you. Thank you.

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