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Learn English – What’s the best way to study English? – Funny language and speaking & course intro

Okay, okay. Calm down, calm down
A very good morning to you students. Welcome to London on this sunny day in
1973. I’m going to teach you about English
culture and the English language. You probably think but you know
everything about Britain. You don’t. You know nothing. You probably went to Madame Tussauds. No British person has ever been to Madam Tussauds. This is only for tourists. Even Madam Tussauds was a foreigner. Carnaby Street too. Tourist only zone. Have you ever laughed at dumb, red-faced tourists lost in your city. Taking bad photographs and getting over charged everywhere? Come on. Come on. Come on! You probably went to the Tower of London. Buckingham Palace. Trafalgar Square. That palace where lady Diana lived. …and in other words…. The dullest places in the country. But how many of you went to the Big Ben Tavern on Baker Street? What? You missed the most colorful pub in the capital. There’s a man in that pub who has sat on the same bar stool for 47 years. There’s
a woman with a beard. Oh hello love! And she’s the most attractive girl in the bar. Do you remember me? There is an old sailor with a tattoo of a mermaid. You can study more about England in that place in five minutes in that grotty place… …than in a month with a guide. If you want to study the language. there are 20 language schools on Oxford Street. The fee is about about £1500 a year. Don’t go there! Go to the Kebab Delight on Old Kent Road and ask for a bag of chips for 90p. You will not leave for two hours, because the owner an Algerian named Abdel – talks so much he won’t let you leave. You can practice speaking English there, all day…. for free. When you’ve finished, throw away the cold chips… …because like all English food. It’s totally disgusting. …and like all English food, it’s cooked by foreigners. Anyway. That’s enough talk. Now throw away those guidebooks. I’m gonna teach you about British culture. We are going on a real tour of the country. Come on!

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