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Learn English Vocabulary: Dubious (Funny Cartoon Video For Kids)

Dubious. To hesitate or doubt something. Example
sentence: The teacher was dubious of Marcus’s homework excuse. Teacher: Good morning, class. Now before we
get started with today’s lesson, I need you to bring me your homework. *sad music plays* Marcus, what is the matter? Oh no. I don’t think I am feeling very well. Mrs. Watson. I think he’s trying to get out
of turning in his homework. BENJAMIN! Thanks, but no thanks. I think I’ll
be the judge of that. Yes ma’am. Marcus. You were perfectly fine this morning.
Could it be true that you didn’t do your homework? Well…I did it, but there is a good reason
why I don’t have it with me. And what reason would it be? Umm…my dog ate it. *kids laughing* Well…I find your excuse to be rather dubious. Why don’t you believe me Mrs. Watson? I highly doubt your excuse, primarily because
it’s the oldest excuse in the book. Also, you’ve done this before. Hey Roscoe! Give that back! MOM! Wish you had a dog now?

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