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Learn English through the Music of the Beatles and the Movie Yesterday

Hi, Bob the Canadian here. Whenever you can use music to learn English,
whenever you can learn English through music, it’s just a great idea, and a couple of weeks
ago, Jen and I saw a movie called Yesterday. It’s a movie that features a lot of music
by the band, The Beatles. The Beatles are from before my time, but they
are one of the greatest bands in history, if not the greatest band in history. And while I was watching the movie, I thought,
“I should do an English lesson for you guys to help you learn English through the music
of The Beatles.” So, in this video, what I’m going to do is
I’m going to talk about 10 Beatles songs, and I will put the links to the YouTube videos
of each song in the description below as well as a link to the lyrics, and here’s what I
think you should do. You should listen to all those songs a lot. You should listen to them a lot over the next
couple of weeks or next couple of months so that you can learn English through the music
of The Beatles, and then, once you know the songs really, really well, once you’ve studied
the English lyrics, you should go watch the movie, Yesterday. So, this is kind of a long English lesson. It starts with you watching this video, and
then, in the description below, there’s 10 links to 10 different Beatles songs and 10
links to the lyrics, to the words, the English words for those songs. I think you should watch this video. Then, I think you should listen to those Beatles
songs a lot, and then, go see the movie, Yesterday. But let’s first talk about each of the 10
songs that I have chosen. So, the first Beatles song I think you should
listen to is Yesterday. It has the same title as the film that I think
you should go see, and there’s two phrases in this song that I think are really good
for you to learn. The first is, “I said something wrong.” So, this phrase actually has two meanings. When you speak English, and you make a mistake,
you could say that you have said something wrong. So, that is the literal meaning, but we also
can say something wrong to someone in the sense that we say something that makes them
feel bad. Sometimes, I say something wrong to my wife,
and then, it makes her feel bad. The second phrase in the song, Yesterday,
that’s a really cool English phrase to learn is the phrase, “To long for.” When you long for someone, it means that you
really, really miss them, and you really, really want to be with them. So, first song you should listen to, Yesterday. The second song you should listen to is Let
It Be. This is another great song, and what’s neat
about this song is it has the phrase, “Let it be.” This is a great phrase to learn. In English, when you say, “Let it be,” it
means just relax a bit. Don’t worry about the thing you’re worrying
about. Just let it go. The second thing about this song that’s kind
of cool is it has a lot of words that start with the letter W. It has whisper. It has wisdom. It has word, word itself. So, if you need to learn and practice your
pronunciation of words that start with W, this is a great song to sing along to. The next song that is great for learning a
bit of English is the song, When I’m 64. This is a great song. It has the line, “Who could ask for more?” This is a great English phrase that you can
say when life is really, really good. When you have a happy life, why would you
ask for anything more? So, the phrase, “Who could ask for more,”
is just awesome. The other thing about this song is it’s a
great song to learn a few sentences that talk about the future. The song, for the most part, is about the
future. So, When I’m 64, another great song. Another great Beatles song to learn English
from is Eleanor Rigby, and what’s cool about this song is it’s really three little stories. It’s three little word paintings about different
people’s lives, and it’s just a great little song to kind of use English words to imagine
different scenes in a story in your mind. The next song is a bit of a love song. So, our fifth one is I Want to Hold Your Hand. This is a great song because, first of all,
it’s a love song. It’s about a boy who wants to hold a girl’s
hand, but what’s really cool about it is it’s really someone expressing themselves in the
first person, something that you’ll want to be able to do while you speak English. So, I Want to Hold Your Hand, the story of
someone who’s in love with someone and to show that love, they want to hold their hand. So, great song, it’s written in the first
person. So, you can learn how to mimic and use the
phrases and sentence and sentence structure yourself. The sixth Beatles song, it’s a hard word to
say, isn’t it? The sixth Beatles song that we’re going to
look at is Here Comes the Sun. Here Comes the Sun has two really cool English
phrases in it. It has, “It’s all right.” This is a phrase that we say to reassure someone. To calm someone down, we say, “It’s all right.” It also has the phrase, “It seems like years.” This is kind of a neat expression of time. So, when something happened just a few days
ago, you could say to someone, “It seems like weeks ago, or it seems like years.” So, Here Comes the Sun, that’s number six. Let’s look at number seven. Number seven is In My Life. In My Life is a great song because it’s about
reminiscing. Reminiscing is when you sit, and you talk
about the past with someone. So, the song, In My Life, is great because
it’s an example of someone reminiscing about things that have happened. It’s a song about someone thinking about things
that have happened in the past. It also has a great phrase towards the end
where it says, “To stop and think.” So, in English, sometimes, you have to stop
and think. Sometimes, if you think while you’re doing
something, it’s not a great way to think deeply, but if you stop and think, you can think more
deeply. You can think more carefully about something. So, that was our seventh song, In My Life. Let’s look at our eighth. Our eighth song is one of the classic Beatles
songs, and it’s Hey Jude. This is just an amazing song. What I like about this song is that it has
the phrase, “To carry the world on your shoulders.” When you carry the world on your shoulders,
it means you worry about a lot of things in life, more than just your own needs. You think about the needs of the world, and
then, it also has the phrase, “Make it better.” When you make something better, you kind of
fix it. You kind of solve the problem that is happening. So, just a great song all around. I think it might be my favorite Beatles song,
Hey Jude. So, the ninth Beatles song that you can use
to learn English through music is All You Need is Love, and this song is great for a
couple of reasons. One is the message is so simple, right? It’s so easy. It’s a great phrase. It’s so easy, All You Need is Love. In order for the world to truly have peace,
all we really need is love. And then, I like it because they flip the
phrase a bit at the end, and they say, “Love is all you need.” So, the ninth song from The Beatles, All You
Need is Love. You should go listen to this one a lot. The last song, the 10th song that I think
you should listen to is Help. This song has the phrase, “self-assured,”
which is a great phrase to learn. When someone is self-assured, they are very,
very confident, but it also has the word, “insecure,” which is the opposite. When you are insecure, you are not confident. So, our 10th song from The Beatles is Help. Well, hey, thanks so much for watching this
video where I give you some suggestions on how to learn English through music. Please do go to the description below and
find the links to the 10 Beatles songs that we talked about. Listen to them a lot and go see the movie,
Yesterday. I think you’ll really, really enjoy it. Bob the Canadian here, you’re learning English
with Bob the Canadian. I hope you have a great day.

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