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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn English Playground! Opposites! Up Down with Sign Post Kids!

Katie, look at all these letters Can you spell your name? Yeah! K A T I E Katie Up Up Up Up Up Down Down Down Emy, come here It’s a Monarch butterfly It’s orange, yellow, white and black We’re going to say, one, two, three, shoo, shoo, shoo One, two, three, shoo, shoo, shoo Let’s keep playing O U This is the letter D This is the letter P I found the letter N I found the letter W Katie, JoJo, come here These letters we found must make words What does the U say? (U sound) What does the P say? P sound Let’s sound this out U-P U-P Up! It spells Up Hannah, Emy, come here We have four letters left What does the D say? (D sound) What does the O say? (Short O sound) What does the W say? (W sound) What does the N say? (N sound) D-O-W-N D-O-W-N Down We have up and down Those are opposites This is up and down Up Down Up Down

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