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Learn English – How to say ‘YES’ in 10 fun ways (1) – Language, speaking and conversation practice.

A very good evening to you
students. It’s wonderful to have the pleasure of your company once again. Today I am going to say ‘Yes’. Today we are looking at the word yes and we will study some of the different ways that you can express the idea If you walk around all day saying ‘Yep. Yep. Yep…’ …people might think you’re a bit of a
lunatic. But, on the other hand, it’s a very common substitute for the word ‘Yes’. Yep or Yup, sometimes written with a ‘U’ and sometimes written with an ‘E’. As it’s a spoken form, it’s only usually written down as a phonetic transcription of somebody’s conversations…. …if you want to get all intellectual about it. Yeah. Yeah baby. Yeah yeah yeah. Everybody, I think, knows this, but not everybody uses it though. ‘Yeah’ should rhyme with ‘hair’, ‘where’, ‘there!’ Y E A H Yes Sir! Yessiree! All those American television programmes… You always got these crazy characters saying ‘Yesirree’, which was a version of ‘Yes Sir!’ Yes sir. Yessiree. Maybe you won’t want to
use it if you hear somebody else use it, it’s probably a good idea to find out what they are talking about. Okay
probably the most international symbol that there is. But how many of you know
‘Okie dokie’? ‘Okie dokie’ means ‘okay’ or ‘yes’ and again is another conversational
colloquial way of expressing the idea of ‘yes’. ‘Okie dokie’, not to be confused with the song of the same name. These are typical street expressions. In a more formal situation, or in a very formal situation, you might use a
beautiful expression like ‘By a means’. ‘Could I have some champagne?’ ‘By all means my Lord’. Obviously, you see the noble in me coming out with these expressions…

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