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Learn English – How to say ‘GO AWAY’ in 12 ways (2) Language, speaking & conversation full course

‘Out’ is actually a very useful word that
you can use on its own to express this idea. ‘Out!’ ‘You! Out’. Bad student. Out of the
class! Run along now will you! This is a typical word that my school teacher used to say, after I had been called into the office and been told off. Right. On your way. Run along! This is a very condescending way of speaking to somebody that you think is less important
than you. Again, it contains no offensive words. ‘Run’ and ‘along’ are very normal words,
so this one is very useful. Give me some space, will you? Gimme some space. This one if you translate it into one of your romance languages, I’m sure you’ve probably got an equivalent. Give me some space around. Too many people. Notice that ‘give me’ many times is contracted to ‘gimme’. Gimme some space. Would you please leave? This one is quite a rude, or quite
a strong way of speaking. Would you please leave! Would you please leave! ‘Leave’ means ‘go away’. Be careful with the pronunciation. ‘Live’ is ‘vivere’ (Italian) o ‘vivir (Spanish). ‘Leave’ is ‘lasciare /abbandonare’ (Italian). It means ‘go away’. The difference in pronunciation is ‘leave’
with a smile on your face, and ‘live’ a Germanic sound. Would you please leave? Leave me alone! Beat it! Beat it! Any Michael Jackson fans will remember this one. Beat it! Although Michael Jackson’s English pronunciation was certainly different from mine or yours. This is actually a very complicated one, because ‘beat’ has got the ‘e’ sound that I just mentioned in the word ‘leave’. ‘It’ is a different sound completely. When you look at this word it
looks like ‘Beat it’, but it’s not it’s ‘Beat it’. Beat it. And finally a very good expression… Hop it! You! Hop it! Hop is to walk on one leg. ‘Hop it’ means ‘go away’ or ‘get lost’. That’s it. Listen. If you haven’t already subscribed to our channel. Subscribe. You can find us on zwcommunications .com where we have got 16 lessons. It’s the biggest, most comprehensive, free online course of English that you will find. Libertarian education is back. Tell your friends and beat it!

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