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Learn English – 12 ways to say ‘GO AWAY!’ (1) Language, speaking & conversation practice full course

A very good afternoon to students. Here
we are once again. My name is ZakWashington and I am going to teach you
more English. Welcome to England. Now please: Go away! Yes. That’s what we’re looking at today:
different ways to say ‘Go away!’ Clear off! Oi mate. Clear off, will you? Oh I wish you’d clear off. Clear off! As most of you already know because every student in the world looks
up the rude offensive words in the dictionary on the first day of class you
will know that most insults to make people ……in English end with the word ‘off’. ‘Clear off’ is a very nice expression because it doesn’t contain an offensive
swearword or rude word. ‘Clear’ just means ‘go’ or ‘remove yourself’. Do not ask me to teach you the bad language although if you go to Zak Washington’s Guide to
England’. Lesson 16 ‘Woodworm Shrubs’ prison, you will find all the interesting colorful language to tell people to ‘**** off!’ ‘Why don’t you **** off? Scram. ‘Oi, scram!’ Scram is a very old, but very useful single word that you can
use to make somebody disappear. ‘Oi scram! will you?’ Get lost! Oi. Get lost! Who do you think you are coming to my
channel? Subscribing, liking and sharing? Scram! Get lost! Lovely foreigners. Coming over to England. Giving us English teachers all this work. Giving us all this money… Not really! Get out of here. Out. Get out! I don’t care who you are!

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