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Learn English – 10 Crazy Ways to Say ‘YES’ (2) – Language, speaking and conversation practice.

A very good international… a very
typically American expression would be ‘Sure’. ‘Hey, can I get one of those?
‘Sure!’ ‘Sure’ basically means ‘yes’ and softens up the way you speak. If you went to a restaurant and needed a chair from somebody else’s table: ‘Excuse me is this chair free?’ ‘Yeah, sure.’ ‘You wanna go for a coffee?’ ‘Yeah sure.’ It’s quite American but is also used in most.. other English-speaking countries too. Sure! ‘Aye’. ‘Aye aye’ is a very historical word
which in Scots, which was the traditional… …language of Scotland before the English
decided that they would impose themselves culturally. In the Scots
dialect I in many northern English dialects means ‘Yes’. It’s become very
cool to use on internet and social media instead of saying ‘yes’. ‘Aye lad’ means ‘Yes my friend.’ Also a similar thing is used… in the Houses of Parliament to agree and
express your accord or your agreement over public debate. ‘Aye aye!’ ‘Aye aye Captain!’ ‘Please do.’ ‘Please do’ is a beautiful expression. If you’re an Italian speaker you could probably substitute it for ‘prego’. ‘Great.’ ‘Great’ is one of the most common
words in English.’ Many different applications. Many different meanings ‘Great’ in this context would mean ‘yes’. ‘I would love to.’ ‘I would love to’, in fact, would be another way of saying it. Are you coming to the party? ‘Great. Yes I am.’ ‘Will do.’ ‘Will do’ is another slightly humorous way of saying ‘Yes, I will do it’, which basically means ‘yes’. ‘Bring the paper over to me!’ ‘Will do.’ ‘That’s all for today folks. See you soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to
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