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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn BRAZIL Sign Language Online with Jason! (LIBRAS)

(Look around) Trees River Sun Hot /humid (outside) I came to tell you that I would like to invite you to learn Libras L-I-B-R-A-S – Língua Brasileira de Sinais. Now, I am teaching signs (vocabularies) and sentences (phrases) because you can communicate with Deaf Brazlians (in Brazil). Now I’m explaining (introducing) who I am, my name is J-A-S-O-N and my sign name is this: I am your teacher. I born in the USA and have moved to Brazil for 7 years. I am working as Deaf Instructor teaching LIBRAS with 1st to 5th grade children. Also, I already graduated from Gallaudet University. Now you take your opportunity to learn Libras with me. Come!

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