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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn Baby Sign Language

Hey Cuties! it’s Lindsay with Ryan and
Rose here to teach you some sign language
who doesn’t love sign language I know right so we’re gonna start with milk
it’s just like milking a cow open-close open-close
milk next we have more is basically to close five hands and you’re touching at
the fingertips more more milk next we have please is a closed five hand shape on your chest and it goes in a circular motion please more milk please
next we have all done is to five open hands basically is a double movement all
done also known as finished one thing to remember is when you’re voicing at the
same time as you’re signing that way they’re making the connection. All done
you finished and last we have eat just what it looks like eat eat you want more
milk please all done eat you catch all that make
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downloadable for you down there in the description so we’ll see you next time

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