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Learn ASL: Sign “Run” in different ways

Hello! Today, I’ll be teaching signs
related to… well, different signs related to the English word “run”, where the
*concepts* are different. Number one: RUN. It’s formed with two “L” handshapes… RUN, or “RUNNING”. For example: “Now, it’s spring and the weather’s warm,
sun is nice… So I enjoy going out running.” (“I enjoy going out running.”) Second example: “Running, growing up, I
hated it. Now I love it!” Number two / concept two: MANAGE. “to MANAGE” or “control” something, as in
“to run something”. For example: “I run my department.” (“My department, I run/manage.”) Concept three: “running” — that is,
something that is “functioning” or “running”. For example:
“That machine is still running.” (“That machine is still running.”) Number four: “to COMPETE”
or “run for something”. For example: “My friend is running for president.” So you can say “COMPETING”
or “running” for president. So again, we have those four:
(1) “Running” as in the action, (2) to manage something,
(3) something that’s functioning, and (4) to compete. If you have other meanings for the word
“run”, please let me know!

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