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Learn ASL: Rooms in a School – Beginner Vocabulary in American Sign Language

Hi, I’m Meredith, and in this video I’ll
show you signs related to school, specifically the school building. Are you
ready? if you’re looking for one sign in particular, you can go to this video’s description, and there i have a list of all the signs with the time stamps, so
you know where to find the sign. School. This is the handshape: school.
The movement is clap twice: school building. building. here’s this handshape:
building. You can also use a different hand shape like this: building school building. Entrance. Enter or Entrance. You can also spell out lobby LOBBY, lobby. Hall there is a lexicalized fingerspelling version hall or you can sign it like this hallway
hall so hall or hall. Cassroom: so it’s class, room combined. classroom classroom. what kind of rooms are there?
Art room, music room… oh there’s also LAB — L-A-B, lab . Tend to
fingerspell lab… with science lab or computer lab and that’s the sign
computer lab computer lab bathroom bathroom library: L handshape, library In the library, you find what? Books and
now maybe computers, too. Cafeteria. It’s a “C” handshape — it’s like “restaurant”, but cafeteria cafeteria. Lunch, students eat where?
cafeteria! office! “O” handshape: office. that movement could be reversed, too. office and you’ll sometimes see that fingerspelled: office. same thing. For example: principal’s office that’s principal office. principal’s
office. Theater, and sometimes you’ll see it described like this — an auditorium
or a theater. Auditorium Gym. Gym. Locker Locker, or you might show it like this:
locker. locker. locker room near the gym locker room. field: so it’s the sign
grass and area — so grassy area is a field field
so maybe the school in back has a field and if there’s a specific sport you can
sign it like baseball field, soccer field, football field… like that. this is nurse
nurse, so if you’re sick you go to the nurse parking lot. This is the handshape:
parking, parking area — it’s a parking lot play area or playground. So maybe an
elementary school has a playground. Dorm or dormitory, dorm teachers room. teachers room. okay and let’s review just a few: school, building room, classroom, gym, computer lab, theater, office thank you for watching! If you want to learn other signs related to
school, I have a few different videos so I suggest you keep watching. And if there
are other signs that you want to learn you can let me know at my website — you can suggest signs to me there. Thanks again!

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