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Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 6:: Indexing

Learn ASL in 31 Days Hi, I’m Rochelle (sign name) Today is Day 6 in Learn ASL in 31 Days Okay, now this lesson is very important it’s called indexing It’s good in conversations. In ASL you need to understand and know how to converse the best way, Okay? Sometimes I’ll use my voice just a little bit to help make it clear. okay, try your best. I You’ll see in books, especially old books, they use i — the letter i — please don’t use this. Bleh. Use this! I I/Me You He/She/it (doesn’t matter which side) Okay, i’m going to use my voice So, when you’re in conversation you’re saying “oh, she’s going to go to the store” you’d point to she. She could be there in person or she couldn’t be So later when you’re in a conversation you’d be talking to David about Joan and you say, “oh Joan, she’s gonna go to the store later” and then you keep talking blah blah and then you point here you don’t have to go Joan + point you would just point again and they know that you’re talking about Joan. So if I’m talking about 2 people I could say Joan and Johnny I could say “Joan is going to the store
and Johnny is going to stay home.” and I could just point to who they are. So, there’s no right or wrong side for a boy or girl. Typically whatever is your dominant hand you’ll just point off to that side if you want to point to the person you’re talking to, obviously, you’ll point at them, but if you’re referring to a person
that’s not there just to the side. and if they are there then you would
actually point to the actual person. So if Joan is standing over here then you
would point to Joan, and if she moved over here, then you’d point over here. That’s probably a little more information than you
need, but that’s how that works. and it’s very important to be able to go he/she/it/this pointing to whatever object it is or wherever you’ve decided to place it. okay? So, let’s continue on. We/Us You-all (do to the side for They) My/Mine Your/Yours His/Hers/Its/Their Our/Ours Okay, now the possessive hers or his is the same as if you were pointing. Okay? Ours That. 1- on palm, 2 – no palm Use directionally if appropriate. Let’s review. I, You, He/She/It/This We/Us, You-all, My/Mine, His/Hers/Its/Their Your/Yours, Ours, That (both ways) Is that your book? No, that’s her book. I hope that helped make it clear. You have questions? Let me know, I’ll be happy to answer you. I promise. See you tomorrow! Bye! Learn ASL in 31 Days

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  • if you say something like "that is why blah blah blah" would it still be the same symbol for 'that' and then the 'why' action? or anything really like "that is because" or something.

  • @Katy Marie — You would definitely fingerspell their name first. You could sign something like this: 
    WILL STORE JOAN (then sign her sign name if she has one) – SHE GO  or  JOAN (sign name) SHE ANGRY. Head over to the post and I break it down and give you some helps as well:

  • i just have a curious question, but first off, I ABSOLUTELY love your videos, i've tried learning asl before but no one ever taught it very well and when i discovered you i was so amazed at your abilities. Anyways my question is, how did you come about learning ASL and becoming so fluent in it? 

  • Hi! I just want to thank you for your videos! I work with a 7 year old Autistic little boy who has a severe speech delay (speech of a 3 year old). Before I started working with him, a past caregiver/speech pathologist (not sure exactly) had taught him some signs. Considering I home school him as part of my job, his mother and I decided that, due to his speech delay, it might be a good idea to teach him sign language to help him communicate better. Soooooo, I am now teaching myself sign language to teach him. Your videos have been so helpful! I checked out books from the library, and that was not helpful, due to it not being my learning style. I have learned so much from your videos! I feel confident that I can translate that to teaching him. Thank you so much!!!

  • You are the best I've seen, I've been trying to learn ASL for over a year now and couldn't find any good video here, then you came in and boom! magic's happening! THANKS 

  • These videos are amazing one of my friend knows someone who's parents are deaf and wants to learn sign to communicate with them better, so she and I decided to watch your videos. They make sign language so much easier to understand and I just need help with becoming more fluent with moving my hands and doing the proper gestures at the same time. hahaha 😛

  • I love these I just started today and can't stop watching!! But my question is what made you start making these videos?

  • Oh my gosh!! I was thinking you were deaf this whole time- for like all your videos up to this one. I guess that shows how well you are at signing. Thank you for making these videos, they help so much. I just started learning ASL and its cool to have someone as knowledgeable as you teaching me. Thanks again!

  • During a conversation the person signs "Where is Joan?" and you want to respond with "She is ___." , do you index in the same spot the other person has designated as Joan or do you also fingerspell Joan and index your own spot?

  • My daughter does not speak. She has been tested and her hearing is fine. She just will not speak. Tears poor down her cheeks anytime someone tries to make her. I am not worried, she will talk when she is ready. I have been learning sign from you and teaching her and my other three kids. The smile on her face when she is able to now communicate with us gives me tears of joy. Thank you Rochelle. You have given us a gift.

  • you are so so so helpful. I'm in 9th grade and have been wanting to learn sign language for YEARS now! My mom and I were going to hire a tutor or something but I don't need one now that I found these videos! Thank you so much (:

  • there is a few with no texts on the bottom i really enjoy learning but dont understand it all completely thanks for all your posts

  • I just wanted to thank you so much for putting up these videos and taking the time to teach ASL. I had always wanted to learn it, and these videos are so easy to follow and understand. It gives me something to do during the day, and it motivates me to learn instead of giving up. You're amazing.

  • I am going to be looking at the asl in 31 days. this video need to be a little slower. I really want to learn but when explanation or signing goes to fast I cant quite get it. Any suggestions on what I can do?

  • Thank you endlessly for this. for this i mean the videos where you teach ASL thank you so very much!! you just made me regain my life´s forward momemtum..
    its a blessing to understand bit by bit this language im a med student in my 3rd year and for me its pleasing to feel i would be able to help given the circumstance receiving or being close to a ASL practionier.

  • Hi, my dear Rochelle. Your videos and instructions are very helpful for me, though I'm a complete amateur I've reached the seventh lesson in one day. The seventh part is that about colours? Because no number is mentioned in the title. Thanks for everything!

  • I assumed that you were deaf and was surprised when you talked. Thank you so much for this. I wish I found your videos sooner!! Its fun and I am not overwhelmed or disappointed like when I tried to learn Spanish online.

  • These videos are the best! I'm learning now at the age of a high school freshman so I can pursue the job of a Special Education Teacher. So if they try to sign, I know what they're saying. And I also have a friend with Down Syndrome who I sign with a lot, so this helps with that too. Thank you!

  • got the evening free, it's past midnight and im still here learning with your videos, thank you so much, im really enjoying it 😀

  • Been wanting to learn sign language for a while now, stumbled across your videos this evening and they are very helpful. Thank you for posting these. 🙂

  • Hi Rochelle I just started watching your videos because a deaf girl just came to my school and she has an Interpreter and I would like to have a conversation without someones help. I know you made this like 3 years ago but I just want to say thank you because this as helped me soo much. I do have a question though how did you get into ASL?

  • Wow, you are amazing! all this time I actually thought you were deaf! (-: Thank you very much for doing this…simple, effective, progressive videos and the smiles! Appreciate your work.

  • I really like your teaching lessons they are helping me a lot! It's a good language to learn and I'm not sure I may be going deaf or just hard of hearing but I haven't been able to hear right for awhile but I should get a checkup on my ears but haven't got the time. But anyway these are really good lessons I like them!

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  • All this time lol I've been struggling reading the closed captions and looking at you sign at the same time 😣

  • Are you deaf or hard of hearing? me personally im hard of hearing so the doctors recommended ASL, thanks so much btw your lessons are great btw!

  • Hello! I have a question. When using the sign we, should signers first refer to the other people and then themselves, before using we? If I were to be talking about Joan and I, would I sign something along the lines of:
    Joan and I, we, are going to the store? And then anytime after if I was to refer to Joan and I, I would just use we?

  • Here are the signs

    I, you, he/she,it/this, we/us, You-all, my/mine, his,hers,its,their. Your/ yours, ours, that

  • are you going to teach numbers? thats the hardest part for me… thank you so much for these videos!! They help me so much!

  • I'm trying to learn to sign a song and one of the verses is i kiss his fingertips as I wish that he's all mine. The singer ( ariana grande) is talking about a boy, but since it's a song there is no actual boy in the room. So how would u sign in a way that would let them know your talking about a boy?

  • Hi! I first want to start of with I love your videos! I find it so cool that you decided to share ASL with us so thank you for that!! I know this was posted a long time ago but I was wondering is there any like worksheets or something that I can read sentences and practice my signing on? I might have worded this very weirdly and if I did I am sooo sorry! Please if you understand get back to me. I really enjoy learning and watching your videos! 🙂 have a nice day!

  • This whole time you could speak clearly? hahaha
    I hope you do more talking in other videos so I dont have to worry about reading

  • Done today's lesson! Now I am excited because I can start to have proper conversations with my friends, who I have started to teach. Thank you so much for these lessons!

  • Thank you so much. I am teaching English as a second language in another country and I frequently gesture when I'm teaching new vocabulary, so I decided to learn ASL to do the actual signs instead of made up gestures. Its only been 6 days but I'm already using so many signs in my classes and my students love it! I teach K-12th grade, and none of my students are fluent in English, and I can tell that signing is really benefiting all of my classes. They can really understand and remember when they have a physical action to pair with a word or phrase! I'm really excited to see how much I know at the end of 31 days! Thanks for doing this series. You broke down the word groups really well.

  • Thanks so much this is helping me very greatly. I don’t have an exact reason to learn but I really want to. I’m 16 and almost fluent!

  • Hi, Americans friends.
    I'm deaf and I live in Brazil. I love learning Different languages. I currently study and use 7 languages. I'm training a lot ASL. But I would like to have someone to train. Would anyone like to be my friend to train ASL? My whatsapp number: +55 3194774491 or +55 31994774491. Please. If anyone interested. Contact. Let's be friends and train together.

  • Hi Rochelle! I'm a beginner and I love your videos! Quick question to you, or anyone out there who may know the answer: When signing WE/US or OURS does it matter which side you start from?

  • When you talked I was bedazzled. This is amazing, the fact that you conducted these past five videos without talking at all to try and explain your point. I am impressed for real.

  • So if Joan is not there, but you are talking about her, would you finger spell her name AND point so that later when you talked about her you just point? Does that make sense?

  • Thanks so much for these. I learned ASL 15 years ago but forgot most, and this is a great way to review. Its coming back so quickly do to your quick lessons,

  • I started watching switched at birth, and before that i had never really thought about learning to sign, but for some reason that show really inspired me. i'm really enjoying learning to sign 🙂

  • I’ve been sending these vids to all my friends so they can learn sign. Since I’m hard of hearing I talk and use sign and it’s nice that others want to learn to talk to me

  • Rochelle, I can't believe how quickly I am learning as a result of your lessons and instruction.  You definitely have a gift.  Thank you so much for investing your time in this project.  I hope and believe the day will come when I can put what you have taught me to good use.  I am enjoying every minute!  Sean

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