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Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 4 :: Places

Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 4 Hi! I’m Rochelle (sign name), it’s great to see you Today it’s day 4! Yay! You’re doing so good! I promise. Today you’ll learn places. It’s a short lesson, better than yesterday. Yesterday: you remember that sign, right? Good, okay, let’s get started. Home. Home is where you eat and sleep. Work. A-hand shape Tap together. Sometimes you’ll see wrists together. That’s okay, It’s best this way. School. Like a teacher clapping her hands to get attention. Store. Church. S-hand shape and C-hand shape. Church. I’m going to church. Come. Go. Come and go. Go there. Go there. Come here. In. Out. In, out. Car and drive. Drive there. Drive there. With. A-hand shape, put together. Hospital. H-hand shape makes + on arm. House. Showing the roof and sides. House. My house. Your house.Okay, cool. That’s it! Let’s review! Home, work, school, store, church. Come, go, in, out, car + drive. With, hospital, house. All done! See, it was short. See you tomorrow for day 5 see you later, bye! Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 4

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  • I LOVE Your videos! You have such an amazing attitude and I love to see your smile and you encourage me that I am doing a good job! I feel good while learning this too. I tried Korean, but it did not work so well. Now I sign while I am working in loud noises or in case I don't want someone to know what I am saying about them. 😛

  • My kids and I knew a little sign already and  just started using your videos. We absolutely love them. Your teaching style is easy to follow and pleasant to watch. I love the real world versus book explanations. 

  • I love your videos. For me it would help to have instructions more detailed. I love when you say the hand movements not just show them. I make flash cards and it's hard to write out the movements.

  • I really like your videos! Thank you so much for making them! I wanted to ask, sometimes it looks like the sign involves tapping, or like the clapping in school, and since you are showing the sign several times in a row, I'm not sure how many claps are actually in the sign. How do I know? I there a standard rule or something?

  • It's really helping me understand! I do have to watch the video a couple times (two with captions and one without) it's a little fast, but at least I'm learning!!! YAY!

  • off so I understand it and I know how to do it, a good way to send secret messages to someone while they do not understand ASL. 😉

  • I thought sign language was enchanting, when I watched one of my favourite actresses signing in a series, where she pretends to be an actress that loses her vocal chords by cancer, so she has to sign on stage in order to keep acting in theater. So much she loved it. I remember the scenes there, she was so majestic that I was like, I have to learn this too. It's so beautiful when people communicate with their hands, their gestures, whether they are deaf or not.

  • Hi Rochelle. I am hearing but have wanted to learn the language since I've been 4 years old. My grandma and grandpa are deaf. It was always hard to communicate with them until now. You changed my life in a way. Now I want to be an interpreter when I'm older. Thank you so much for all have done. My dad and his two brother's know ASL but aren't to well since my grandparents moved to Florida, so now I can teach them. I love that you did this. And I am only 12 so now I can learn how deaf people can communicate. I love this. CC makes it easier, thank you so much. I hope you read this!!! These are the most useful videos I've ever seen in my life. Right now I'm day 19. But I'll be done soon!! I love this!!! Thank you so much!!!! I know said thanks like 6 times but u CHANGED MY LIFE!! Now I can talk to my grandparents. I don't even know you but changed my life. You deserve a pat on the back x10000000 😉 I hope I can get a response back. I may post this on every other day I watch. So I just want you to know how appreciative I am. You broke everything down for me. I get an order. I am FORCED to learn Spanish in school. And I always wanted to learn ASL. U are AMAZING!!! ;-O

  • I am a CODA and love your videos you take your time showing each sign and reviewing, it's easy and fun. Practice, practice, practice is key.

  • I love your videos. they are helping me to learn ASL. I am not Deaf but signing is one thing that I love most in the world. I feel as if when I stop talking and allow my hands to do move I belong. These videos really are helping me to become a better cynar thank you so much.

  • (forgive my terrible username)

    me and my friends have been trying to learn asl, and we haven't been making much progress, but after finding your videos we're actually able to learn and remember some things and it's super exciting. Thank you so much!

  • Quick question, I remember to sign "today" you would do the "now" sign (both hands signing the letter y) aND the "day" sign. So like "now day"="today" however you seemed to of just done the sign for "now" when your caption said you said "today". (At 0:14)
    Why is that?

  • I was just recently inspired to learn sign language. Your videos are so helpful! Thank you for sharing them!

  • Great video. I learned a lot. I really appreciate that you go slowly and repeat when needed. I look forward to viewing additional lessons. This is a fun way to practice.

  • Currently I'm writing a list of what I have learned. I review it everyday so I won't forget. Thank you for teaching me this!

  • The signs are : Home, Work, School, Church, Come, Go, In, Out , Car + Drive, With , Hospital, House.

  • Thank you for making these videos!! im learning because both of my girlfriends parents are deaf and your videos are so helpful to me you make it so easy to learn and understand and you are so joyful and encouraging, again thank you for deciding to post these vids because you are an amazing teacher although im only on lesson 6 im already getting the hang of it because of you.

  • This is amazing literally on lesson 4 I can sign to myself, small little sentences, and I started like 25 minutes ago.

  • Thanks so much for these videos! I have a question: for "drive here", would you do the same as "drive there" but bring your hands to yourself instead of moving them away? thanks!

  • I find a helpful way to remember is to copy down all the words from each video in a document, then print it out and practice them on my own. That way I don't have to watch the video, and everything is still broken down into small units. I can also make "test sentences" every few videos too.

  • I have two deaf co-workers, who I adore because they are just the sweetest. And less than a month ago, one of them was discriminated and told that she shouldn't work in a public place if she couldn't "communicate" with the people because of a quick and simple miscommunication. To me it wasn't fair at all that just because she's deaf people think she isn't worthy of basic human rights as getting a job. That inspired me to learn ASL, because they learned to speak english so I'll like to learn their language and even if it's just a couple of simple words that I can sign to them so they don't have to read my lips at all times then, why not?. People get so scared of "different" and just start judging and it's sad. Y'all should care more for one another no matter what makes each other different from what you consider idealistic, because there's no such thing as perfect. Thank you, for being my new ASL teacher. 💘

  • How come you signed the word 'today' different in this video then in the last video? What is the proper way to sign it?

  • Sign Language has been so hard for me in the sense that I can sign but when people sign to me I have no clue what they are saying, I don't know why, I practice at church but still dont understand, maybe is not for me, but at least I know a lot of words and frases

  • Okay, so I just LOVE this. I wanted to learn ASL because I have read this book (Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard) and there is a deaf character and to be honest the language intrigued me a bit. I am always looking for something new to learn and this is perfect for my continously working brain XD 🙂 THANKS

  • Day 4 and I only needed to watch once!!! Usually I need to watch twice but this one was very easy! Excited for tomorrow's lesson! This is WAAAAAAY better than school.

  • I don’t think you get on here any more I haven’t seen any recent comments from you but u seem like such a sweet lady. I love your videos I’m learning a lot. I was able to sign with a couple the other day for the first time it was amazing!!!! I can’t wait to see them them again to show them how much I’ve learned!!! Thanks again for your videos!

  • ASL is such a fascinating language to me. I want to be a doctor, so learning to communicate with any sort of patient is very valuable. Thank you for being an excellent, clear, animated teacher!

  • I love these soo much. I'm learning these right now to be able to talk to my sister and I want to be an ASL teacher/interpreter

  • Hello there! I'm not sure if it's touched on and if so, where, but I was wondering about name signs, especially when introducing oneself. Is the signer assigned a name sign that they use after fingerspelling their name or do the pick one that they use as their own? I'm sorry if this was gone over in another video and will gladly go over it there as well, but I just thought I'd ask

  • Hi! I love this video series. One question: when signing "out", you have to put your hand inside the other in order to pull it out again, how do you differentiate between the two signs? IS it an emphasis thing? Thanks 🙂

  • These videos are so helpful! God bless you all! Jesus loves You! He will save you if you call on His Name when He calls you. You'll know when He calls you.

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