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Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 3 :: Time

Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 3 Hi! I’m Rochelle (sign name), it’s good to see you again Today it’s lesson 3 in Learn ASL in 31 Days It’s wonderful to see you again. Today you’ll learn time. Let’s get started. Day. D-hand shape. table top arm for ND hand. Night. Curved hand. Over ND arm (shows horizon), and this hand is the sun setting. Morning. Not all the way up! Just here. Noon. Afternoon. Arm part way down. Night. Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Night. Week. Can do D hand palm down or on its side. It’s 7 days all in a row. Week. Month. Year. 2 ways to do it: all the
way around or circle above other hand. Will (future). Before/Past Now. Y-hand shape at waist. Today. Today. Finish (all done). — we’re not finished yet! Later, later. See you later. Always. Next week. Last week. Next week, next week. last week. Yesterday. Y-hand shape, tap at mouth and ear. Tomorrow. A-hand shape. SMALL arc out. Don’t go big. Every day. Typically two swipes. A-hand shape. All day. All night. Finished! So let’s review. Day, night, morning, noon, afternoon, night. Week, month, year (both ways), will, before (past) Now. Today, finish, later, always. next week, last week, yesterday, tomorrow, everyday. all day, all night. That’s it! Good job! I’m proud of you. Okay, I’ll see you later. Bye! Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 3

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  • Hi I'm sorts confused cuz one of my friends told me that birthday was the same as how you sing day, is she right? Are they the same or are they different? If they're different how do u sign birthday?

  • so i'm one of those people that have fabulous ambitions of speaking different languages and communicating with everyone i see, no matter their background… my only hang up is my inability to get over "looking silly". not in the " oh people will laugh at me" but "people that have been speaking this their whole lives will look at me and just go …what…. did you say???" i don't want to make a fool of the language… so because of this, i never get to practice with people and get their input on little  things like where my hands are when i'm saying "all day" and "all night" or when i tried to learn Spanish, how to roll certain syllables so i don't slaughter the language. i didn't have someone there. i think it's a beautiful language and i have customers that are deaf and i wish so badly i could say more than "thanks you". i want to greet them and take their whole order and make them as comfortable as possible in my restaurant 😀

  • I love sign language. I knew it when I was a kid and dropped it, and I'm trying to relearn… Damn Carpel Tunnel is making it hard, though!

  • thank you for helping me learn ASL !!!! youre videos help me so muc and its nice to know this because then i wont have to learn a foreign language in high school lol but its also helpful to me because a lot of my friends have to use this to help their cousin and other family member and it would be nice eto know how to help maintain the trouble they go to . once again id like to thank you for all youre help 🙂

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to do theses videos! I am trying to learn ASL on my own because it is such a beautiful language and culture. Always up for some ASL practice buddies if you know of any. Again thanks for doing these, you are AWESOME!

  • You are such an amazing teacher! I'm learning so much! thank you for taking the time to make these great videos!!! 🙂

  • I love these videos, and how she so kindly set it on youtube for everyone to use! I love taking notes and these videos are really filling my notebook! 🙂 Thank you for these awesome videos!!!

  • Hi Rochelle. I am hearing but have wanted to learn the language since I've been 4 years old. My grandma and grandpa are deaf. It was always hard to communicate with them until now. You changed my life in a way. Now I want to be an interpreter when I'm older. Thank you so much for all have done. My dad and his two brother's know ASL but aren't to well since my grandparents moved to Florida, so now I can teach them. I love that you did this. And I am only 12 so now I can learn how deaf people can communicate. I love this. CC makes it easier, thank you so much. I hope you read this!!! These are the most useful videos I've ever seen in my life. Right now I'm day 19. But I'll be done soon!! I love this!!! Thank you so much!!!! I know said thanks like 6 times but u CHANGED MY LIFE!! Now I can talk to my grandparents. I don't even know you but changed my life. You deserve a pat on the back x10000000 😉 I hope I can get a response back. I may post this on every other day I watch. So I just want you to know how appreciative I am. You broke everything down for me. I get an order. I am FORCED to learn Spanish in school. And I always wanted to learn ASL. U are AMAZING!!! ;-O

  • Hi! I'm very very new to ASL and I have some questions about Sign Names. Firstly, do you choose your own, or is it given to you? Also, is it okay to ask someone's sign name if they just fingerspell their name or do they have to offer it to you? if I may ask, what is your Sign Name? Thank you so much for these videos.

  • Wouldn't you think they would teach ASL in all schools as a second language? It's more likely you would use ASL than French or something like this.

  • If you have trouble remembering because you dont have no one to talk to like that, then just use sign language when your talking normally and if they ask wyd? just say your learning sign language and dont want to forget

  • I really appreciate how you take the time to show the precise form. So many ASL instructional videos just show the sign and that's it, without explanation. There are a couple signs I've known for a long time that I can now correct my form on thanks to your lessons. You also do a great job of picking just enough for each video that it's not information overload, but still you're teaching a useful amount of vocabulary each time. Thanks so much for doing this!

  • I am learning ASL for a personal project in my school and i am so happy that I chose ASL because it is so much fun learning and your videos make it so easy and fun to learn!! thank you for your videos

  • I am trying to teach myself and this is perfect i'm on day 3 after about 15 minutes. Thank you I've wanted to learn ASL for a while and this is extremely helpful!

  • I recently got very self conscious about my voice
    and when i say self conscious i mean extremely
    so I'm trying to learn sign language so i can still talk to my girlfriend

  • Thank you so much Rochelle Barlow! I know you made these 3 years ago, but I just wanted to let you know how happy I am you did!! I am learning asl for my boyfriend who is hard of hearing and the videos have helped me so much with learning how to communicate with him better

  • Thank you so much for the videos! I love them so much 🙂 Quick question. I always get confused with the times of the day, like morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and night. Any tips?

  • This is so helpful. I might have to repeat this video a few times because studying for exams does not leave much time to practice but I love that I can go step by step like this.

  • The signs are :

    Day, Night, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Week, Month, Year, Will, Before, Now, Today, Finish, Later, Always, Next Week, Last Week , Yesterday, Tomorrow, Everyday, All day, All night

  • I love the way you teach ASL! I'm having a lot of fun learning a new lesson each day. It would be awesome if you could put all the words you taught in the description so that quizzing one's self would be easier. Other than that, these are wonderful!

  • is it normal for me to have to take like a week to learn one thing. I love the idea of learning one new thing everyday and I did subscribe to the 31 days, but its taking me a week to learn one lesson.

  • My roommates and I are learning sign language and I am going to be using it for a project my school requires, so thank you for the lessons!

  • it kibd if hard for ne to follow along because she signs kind of fast. but i will keep watching and learning. im not giving up!

  • are u death i am and im only 12 and when i firat watched this i was thinking does she even know what she is doing then i kept watching and i was like wow she dies know what she is doing.

  • This is really helpful. Trying to learn Spanish, Morse code, lip reading, pi, and sign language all at the same time is kind of hard… this helps me a lot. So thanks! This is a life saver.

  • if it is ever too fast, you can always adjust the speed to make it slower- just click the setting button next to the captions button on the right hand corner of the video. Conversely, for the alphabet review, I reviewed by increasing the speed

  • – day, night
    – morning, noon, afternoon, night
    – week, month, year
    – will, before
    – now
    – today
    – finish
    – later, always
    – next week, last week
    – yesterday, tomorrow, everyday
    – all day, all night

  • Does anyone know how to slow down the video on the app and make it play slower. The lessons are amazing she just goes a little to fast sometimes

  • what is a sign name? i read the comments below. and why does a death person have to assign one to you?
    great video. I live in UK and i would love to learn bsl but there are no good videos or phone apps or anything in bsl. only asl has good videos so i'm planning to learn that and then perhaps bsl. thank you for that amazing video it is very clear and structured well.

  • a lot of people's problem is like they'll forget, because they dont have anyone to sign it with, but i talk to myself to loud and so often that i've just foRCED myself to start rambling at nothing in asl. this way i shut up and sTART REMEMBERING THINGS

  • I want to learn sign so bad but I have a problem with remembering the signs since I don't have anyone to practice with. The only person I know who knows sign, is my best friend but every time I bring up sign she makes fun of me and never wants to sign with me. She makes fun of me because I don't know it as well as she does but the only reason for that is because she puts me down whenever I try to learn it. I don't know what to do.

  • im struggling a little bit between the differences in "now" "today" and "day" i think im just missing something pretty obvious but of someone could help me out that would be lovely, thanks!

  • What's the difference between the sign for "day" and "today"? Is the difference just in signing "now" and then "day"?

  • I am learning ASL right now only using these videos. and it is quite difficult but I am determined and I really like it!
    I would love an ASL buddy to study with maybe even via Skype. Is there anyone who would like that as well?

  • Honestly I'm only 3 days in and I already feel pretty good about my ability to learn thanks to these videos. These have been a great help. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn.

  • The only problem I have with this video is that its going a bit to fast, I would rather have 10 min videos where I remember it than 5 min where I forget it at the end. Sorry if its just me but I dont think I'm doing most of them right since its so fast.

  • Was there a difference between the signs for “day” and “today”? I didn’t notice one but I want to make sure I’m not missing something.

  • Do you have a print out of all the words you teach on for each of your videos? My boys are learning ASL as their second language and we review at the beginning of the lessons and wanted to make sure I kept track of all the words you are teaching. We are so happy to have found your videos! We are using as our curriculum. Thank you.

  • I've always wanted to learn asl and this course is really helpful! Now I find myself silently signing the alphabet in my desk during class and constantly going over what I just learned! I really hope to become fluent that way when I'm older I can communicate with more people! Thank you so much for this series!

  • In Order:

    -Will (Future)
    -Before (Past)
    -Finish (All Done)
    -See you Later
    -Next Week
    -Last Week
    -All day
    -All night

  • Hey!!! Anyone starting looking for someone to practice?! I´m down! (hearing person, first language spanish btw) 😀

  • What I always do to not forget is sign and talk at the same time, if I know the asl word then I’ll especially do it, it helps to remember and not forget. That way you build a memory! I’m learning asl with my mom so we try to do asl together😁

  • This is really helping understand the course's I am taking in asl. thank you so much. You are a great teacher. thank you for showing the signs from different angles it helped a lot!!

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