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Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 14:: Emotions

Learn ASL in 31 Days :: Day 14 Hi, I’m Rochelle, today is a fun day in Learn ASL in 31 Days Today is emotions! They are fun signs to learn! You’ll like them, I promise let’s get started. Happy. I’m happy to see you today! I’m not happy. I’m sad. Sad Angry/Mad. I’m mad at you! You make me so angry. Excited. Cry. Two handed or one handed. I saw a friend, I can’t remember where she lived (a
different country) she signed cry like this — tear drops. It was cool, different than here in America. You can sign it one handed or two handed. Bawl/cry your eyes out/crying a ton/etc. It’s fun, you try! Bawl Sorry (S-hand) Like. Ohhh, I like you. You like me? Thanks. Like. Love. You’ll see a lot of Deaf say ILY (I love you).
It’s more like hey! or Bye! Love ya! ILY! ILY! It’s not true love. You wouldn’t say to your husband
ILY you soooo much (crying from the love you feel). that’s not like real I loooove you so so
much (bawling from your overwhelm of emotions) Okay? ILY is more hey ASL friend! See ya later ILY! Hate. You hate me? Why? Awesome. One of my favorite signs, awesome. Awesome She’s awesome! Cool. Old sign — Groovy! Cool. Terrible/Awful This is hate. This is terrible/awful. Hate! Terrible/awful. Do you see the difference? Hate is down, Terrible/awful is up with a swoop. Weird. He’s weird. I’m weird!? Never. Lousy/Lame. Bored. Not in your nose… that’s gross. On the nostril.
You’re so bored you’re going to pick your nose. Fine. Fine!! I’m fine! Leave it! Oh, I’m fine.
How are you today? I’m fine, you? I’m fine thanks. Fine. Be careful, once I hurt myself signing fine! I said it angry
and cut myself with my fingernail, there was some blood. Great/Wonderful. Scared! Scared! Silly. He’s silly. Crazy. You could do this (loopy hands), but it’s not the official
sign. They’d understand you, but the best is this one! I’m craaazy! Yes, it’s true. Frustrated. This sign frustrates me, I don’t understand it. Let’s review! Happy, sad, angry, excited, cry, sorry, like, love, hate, awesome, cool, groovy, terrible, weird, lousy, bored, fine wonderful, scared, silly, crazy, frustrated All done! Fun lesson, right! I adore signing emotions and using facial expressions. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Don’t be shy and say you can’t do it. Try it! It’s fun! You’ll feel free. That’s it and I’ll see you tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed it. Bye! Learn ASL in 31 Days :: Day 14

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