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Learn ASL: How to sign “Resolution” and “Goal” in American Sign Language

The sign “resolution” has two different ways to sign it: The most common: “Resolution”. The “1” handshape to the fist, like this: “resolution”. And that sign really means that it’s not quite a goal; it’s more of a resolve — either commit or commitment or promise. “Promise”. So a new year “promise” — really a new year resolution — means “In the future, I promise I WILL do something.” You may also sign “GOAL”. Goal, signed like this: Goal. Example sentence — Number 1: “Your new year resolution is what?” In other words, “What’s your new year’s resolution?” I’m curious — what is your new year’s resolution?? Let me know! Number 2: “My new year’s resolution is every Sunday, I plan to clean and organize my apartment.” Number 3: In the year 2017, my goal is to practice ASL three times a week.” Did you make a resolution? I want to know! Please go to Instagram; today’s — my recent post, today, you’ll see I ask. 🙂

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