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Learn ASL: How to sign Memorial Day in American Sign Language

Hi friends. Happy Memorial Day!
Next week, Monday is the holiday Memorial Day Memorial Day. Memorial — why this handshape?
It shows the eyes looking back. The eyes look back. Memorial Day. And why? because on Memorial Day you’re supposed to look back and remember the soldiers — and
that’s “soldier” or “army”. Soldier. Soldiers who have been to war, fought, protected
our country. Maybe died. Good to look back and respect, remember. And that’s “remember”. Remember. Hope you all look back and remember. Plus, enjoy the long weekend! Thanks for watching. Bye!

8 Replies to “Learn ASL: How to sign Memorial Day in American Sign Language”

  • So thank you for signs we remembered .happy holiday weekend soon.! be safety travel so good. I cheer you bye

  • Hi Meredith! Is there any chance you can do a technology video? I've been trying to watch some but most want to talk about "floppy disks".

    It doesn't have to be super intensive, but maybe like cell phone, home phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, keyboard, etc? Maybe even hardware and software?

    Thank you for the amazing videos you've already made! I love your channel!

  • Hello first off let me say thank you for helping me learn ASL …i have an autistic child and it were not for your easy to follow videos i would be struggling to get any of this …so thank you so much<3 ..i was wondering if you could post a parenting video and incorporate phrases like Dont touch, Put it away, Clean up, toys, and other ones i cant think of lol …please and thank you

  • Well done Meredith For spreeding the word, about Memorial Day god bless you and have a lovely day your self.💋💋💋

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