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Learn ASL: How to Sign about Graduation in American Sign Language

Hello, Happy May!
Now — in May, June — we tend to celebrate what? Graduation! Many schools’ students
graduate now in spring. Today we’ll learn signs related to graduation. Did you know
that I have many videos relating to school? So if you’re looking for signs
about school, classes… I suggest you watch those. Let’s get started! Let’s start with
what? SCHOOL. school. school. Now, with graduation, we tend to talk about two
types of schools: high school, and that’s HIGH-SCHOOL. The “H” into an “S”: high school.
high school. high school. high school. Okay, second:
COLLEGE. college. college. college. So we tend to
discuss graduating either high school or college. Sometimes elementary school,
middle school, fine. Oh! or maybe I’ll add a third, and that’s grad school. So right there — GRADUATE-SCHOOL. grad school. grad school. If it’s a specific type of school, you
can describe it like law school, business school. Now when school finishes, what
happens? you GRADUATE! That’s the “G” handshape like this on the
opposite palm: graduate. graduate. Or “graduation”. graduation. graduation.
graduate. And again, that sign can mean either graduate the verb, or the noun
graduation. Either one. Graduate or graduation. CELEBRATE! celebrate. So that’s an “X” handshape – celebrate. celebrate. and if that’s combined with graduation, it
could mean a “graduation ceremony”. so that’s “ceremony” — graduation ceremony.
graduation cap. graduation cap. graduation cap. graduation gown.
graduation gap. graduation gown. graduation gown. so “cap and gown”. graduation hat has a TASSEL, so we would
describe the graduation cap and then show the tassel with a classifier: tassel. you can also show what you do with it: you move it from one side to the other. Is it that way or the other way…? I
think it’s this way – I forget! TASSEL DEGREE. so that’s an “F” handshape like so
degree or “diploma”. degree. for different types of degrees, you can use
fingerspelling abbreviations: M.A., J.D., M.D., Ph.D… again “PhD”. PARTY. party or party.
party. for example: “graduation party” FUTURE. The “5” handshape: future. future. FINISH. You know the sign “finish”? In this
context it might mean either the end — like school ends, or it can be like
“after”. For example: “after graduation, you do what?” You DO-WHAT? What will you do? It’s the “X” handshape, kind of coming
together: what do you do? Also “PLAN” – this handshape: “plan”. “plan”. CONGRATULATIONS: the hands are clasped: congratulations. congratulations.
“Congrats.” Okay, let’s review quickly: If you recently graduated or are about
to graduate, congratulations! What are your future plans? Happy
graduation! Oh! And there’s one last sign: HAPPY.
Happy. “Happy graduation!” Thank you for watching. I have more videos about school
for you to see, so I suggest you watch and if you like this video, subscribe and
click the bell to get notified about new videos. Thanks again! See you soon, bye.

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