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Learn ASL: Game of Thrones (Sign Language, PSE, ASL, CC)

*Becca and Jackie sing theme song* Nananananana na na nuhhh duh na na na na na na na na nuhhhhh na nuuuhhhh duh na na nuhhh duh na nannanacn *battle music plays* Becca: nuh na nan Becca laughs I almost fell Becca: Iron throne That’s how Jackie eat Oreos by the way She takes the cream off Becca: sword Becca: Jackie first of her name queen of the cactus Jackie: Queen of the cats Okay illuminati Becca: Alright, let’s walk back I’m sweaty. oh my gosh, do you see that frog? Where? right there where? right there oooh….where? right here Can you see him? Oh my god, that’s a frog That’s a good boy your queen loves you Okay, I saved him Good job, Queen Thank You Khaleesi and next week tune in to watch her burn all the frogs alive HAHA DRACARYS Becca sings theme *laughs* so forceful I don’t think I don’t think Cersei walks like this *Becca sings theme song grungy and laughing* Becca: You just start jamming out to a rock song *laughs* *Becca sings theme* *laughs* Becca: That was very graceful Becca: Queen Jacquelyn Breaks her ankle YES….queen *yelling at barking dogs* I am the cat queen! HUSH! SILENCE! *Becca laughs* I want it!I want that throne! *Becca laughs* *Becca and Jackie sing the theme horribly while laughing* Becca: oh sh*t we were doing so good Jackie: I think its perfect Becca: I have to pee

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