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Hello FB people! NAME: Timothy ( Enter name sign) I want to mention something. Simple as I can be about this vlog. I want to talk about Language deprivation My recent post About ASL, Language deprivation, and Family. Often time when I Post, I get few hate comment, or hateful message. “Oh, Skaggs you sound like an Asshole.” I do NOT give a FUCK. The reason why? It an asshole move my family never learn asl. When I had to focus on learning how to SPEAK. My eyes catching on lip reading. IT EXHAUSTING. Often time, when I am with my family. I am sitting at the table with them. I always nudge what they are talking about, what you talking about, what are we talking about? It become exhausting to even bother. It an asshole move when being in the dark, I attempt to kill myself many time. THIS IS A DEEP PLACE for me. This is neglect. This is SOMETHING… I MUST FIGHT FOR For my family? No, they still have not learned ASL. It fine. So be it. My goals with my post. or vlog. on ASL, Language Deprivation. Is to impact one person ( or family) One person to see this vlog, beacuse we often get distracted by “professional” ” The child must learn to speak, if he does not speak. He will not be successful” I am here to Debunk that Myth. I am here to tell people out there who are family and friends. LEARN ASL! You wan to get to know me? Learn ASL! You want to chat with me? Know how I am feeling? Sad Happy or whatever I am feeling like…. Learn ASL! You want to learn about that person? LEARN their language. AS I HAVE I could easy stop speaking and fuck english. EASY can discard speaking again. BUT NO, I love my family. I will speak when it is needed. Do I like it? Nope, never will. WHY? Watching people lipread. Lip reading? IT IS EXHAUSTING…….. Many, Many, Many years of practice. Lipreading, catching on what they are trying to say. WHY did I have to do all this hard work? My family get to “lay back” You must learn my language. ME, ME, ME, or I, I, I. Hey everyone, what about deaf people? What about your own Family member? You never knew how much I was suffering. you call me an ASSHOLE OK…. Maybe I am an ASSHOLE. I would much rather be an asshole and hope I impact having a child not go through what I had to go through. They dont have to suffer like I did. IT is that SIMPLE.

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