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Learn ASL: Beginner Lesson for Family Signs, Part 1: Immediate Family in American Sign Language

Hi, I’m Meredith, and now it’s nearing the
holidays, the new year… it’s a good time to review family signs! And this is
“family” It’s an “F” handshape in a circle: FAMILY. and that’s FAMILY. Mother or mom you may also see it where the movement
is a little different, where you wiggle the fingers like this: mother so mother or mother — it’s the same thing the sign “father” looks similar; the
difference is that it’s not at your chin; it moves to the forehead: father or
dad father. and again the movement can change to that wiggle So: father. “parents”
so it’s the same handshapes as mother and father: parents baby. baby. you may see differences
like smaller like this: baby. You don’t need to make a huge gesture. Just baby is fine. daughter — and it’s similar like girl and baby became daughter. That’s the hand shape: daughter. Goes in the nook of the elbow. daughter. daughter. And you may
still see it with the girl hand shape to start: daughter. daughter or daughter
either of those and for boys it’s similar starts up here: son.
it’s again: son. and again you might see it start with boy like boy baby: son. son or son. Son. Children. Children. Like you’re patting them on the heads: children and just to let you know, here’s the sign
for “kids” — kids. kids. Sister. So it starts at the chin, and comes down: sister.
It’s from the signs girl and same, so girl, same became “sister”. sister. sister. and for boy, it’s the same thing:
boy and same became “brother”! Brothers and sisters are siblings. that’s the sign
“siblings” for example: (demonstration) and that’s “siblings”. Wife, wife.
And again it was a compound sign: “girl”and “marry” became wife. Wife. And again you may see it signed girl-marry, means wife. same thing. And for husband “husband” this one starts at the forehead.
Husband and you might see boy-marry, that’s fine, but just be careful not to
use the index finger — that’s different; it means “believe”. “believe”, it’s different
from “husband”. husband. Partner. Partner. You can say “my partner”; partner. Another sign you might see is “sweetheart” “sweetheart” means someone you’re in a
relationship with. “sweetheart”. In this video I showed you signs for parents
children and that kind of thing. Next week, in part 2, I’ll show you more like
grandmother grandfather cousins and so on. Thanks for watching! If you like this
video subscribe to get notifications of new ones. Bye!

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