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Learn ASL: Basic Furniture Signs in American Sign Language for Beginners

[SEE OPEN CAPTIONS INSTEAD!] Hi, I’m Meredith. Today, we’ll learn signs
related to furniture. I have two previous videos related to the house or the home;
they describe different types of homes and rooms in the home, so if you haven’t
yet watched those, I suggest you start there. Today, we’ll focus on furniture and
things found in the house or the apartment. Furniture! Furniture. This sign can also be done
two-handed: furniture. furniture. or furniture. CHAIR. Couch or sofa. So it’s like the sign “sit” and then showing
the shape: sofa / couch table. you can also describe the table, for
example: coffee table. And that’s the sign “Coffee” — coffee. Coffee table. Kitchen table.
Dining table… that kind of thing. Desk. D-E-S-K. Desk. Tends to get
fingerspelled. You can sign TABLE if you’re describing
an office you can sign table, or stick to fingerspell – desk. desk. desk. bed. bed. you may also see “bed” like that — bed. same thing. bed. bed. bed. also “bed table”. Bed table. Night table.
Night table. Dresser. Dresser Mirror. Slightly bent hand: Mirror. mirror. closet closet. television.
So it’s “TV” signed twice: TV. And you can sign it once: TV — like that. “TV” or “TV”.
Television, or television. “Light” — so it’s the “8” handshape flicks out on the
chin: light. light. “lamp” — a table lamp would be “light” and then that open a handshape
represents the lamp that’s on a table, so “lamp”. That’s (again) if it’s on a table. If
you’re talking about a floor lamp you can just sign light like that or you can
describe the whole thing table lamp. Sink sink tends to be fingerspelled: “sink”. You can
describe it or you can use that lexicalized fingerspelling: sink. For
“fridge” I’ve seen a few different signs: First is “refrigerator” so that’s the “R”
handshape – refrigerator. That’s a common one: “refrigerator”. Second, the sign “cold”
right but without the facial expression. okay so we’re just describing the item
and you often that’s with like showing the door opening so: refrigerator. And
lastly “R-E-F”, refrigerator. refrigerator. “REF” –
refrigerator. So you’ll see those– really those three: refrigerator, refrigerator,
and refrigerator. Oven! Oven. Laundry machine. So like a washing… so
that’s the sign laundry. laundry or “washing machine” Now, a few other things that you’ll see
around the home: “Door”. So that’s the “B” handshape — it opens and closes, door. door. “door”. “front door”. “front door”. “window” — so
again that’s the handshape — not up, but down: window. like you’re opening up a
window. window, window, window, or like that: window. Floor. Floor. Floor. Wall. Wall.
So again: floor, wall. Floor, wall. Stairs! So it’s the V handshape is bent: “stairs” or
“stairs” — that thumb can be in or out. stairs, stairs, stairs stairs. Elevator: so an “E” handshape goes
up and down: elevator. All right that’s it for today – I hope
that you enjoyed. Are you ready to review?? Okay thank you for watching! If you like
this video, please subscribe, and if you want more signs, COMMENT! Let me know your requests. I hope to see you again soon bye

23 Replies to “Learn ASL: Basic Furniture Signs in American Sign Language for Beginners”

  • ceiling fans, air conditioning, & Things found in the REF…
    Illnesses; Cold, Flu, headache, toothache, cramps, tight muscles, watery eyes, stuffed nose, itchy eyes, sinuses,…

  • Who does your video editing? Also showing Graphics may be helpful for those of us who are dyslexic & dont relate to written words as well. hope this is helpful. thank you.

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  • Excellent video very clear very interesting thankyou for your time in doing these videos, ,,, very educational

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  • Hey! So I work at a daycare, and there's a new kid that is deaf. I'm determined to speak his language! I found your channel and I've no joke been watching it non-stop. Is there any way you can make a video on how to sign stuff like "bathroom" or "cleanup"? you know general stuff you would teach/ask a kid? He's 9 and he's crazy fast a signing. I don't know how to say "slow down" I feel so helpless! If you can't I completely understand!

  • Hi! I really enjoy your videos!..I really am glad there are asl teachers like you who are willing to take the time to teach on youtube!..also if possible I would like to learn medical signs

  • Hi! I'm not sure if you've already done this but if not I'd like to learn fun things like food and animals.

  • More church signs/religious signs please. Sometimes, not often, someone comes into my church that is deaf and needs and an interpreter. Thanks, Meredith! All of your videos help me!

  • I love this since I work in the apartment industry. Can you do some signs for moving? And getting an apartment? Thank you!

  • This video was soo helpful! I love your work & how you repeat your signs. I'm trying to teach my family ASL, and I got most of the signs I'm teaching them from you. I think you should make a video with "almost," "maybe" and random things like that. Thanks again(ha ha, I know that sign!) for the great videos! I hope you can keep up the good(I know that one too!) work & make more videos! :-))

  • can you do more signs about furniture, and appliances please? I am doing a project and am currently trying to describe rooms in my home in asl and need more info.

  • This is great! I like how you have a chance to review at the end and it was silent. Good to check if you know them!! Thank you!

  • Another fantastic video. Again, I love how you showed the sides too. That really helped me out with "Dresser". I owe you so much! I also love the reviews at the end.

  • Glad to hear more signs you teaching alike you like future job teaching other school which you would like better other school for the deaf / hearing if these interesting signs language more on walls and video. I know that. Hope you have plan your graduate of college. Good luck certificate experiences signs and job real quick . How are you old now! If you shy. That okay I am 60 yrs old and I goal retire 62 by 2020. Enough to enough length work too much 42 yrs. When I prefer to move other state in las Vegas because nephew want to move to job work there better than it I don't know. Have a nice warm friend! High five 👋✋

  • 00:32 furniture
    00:53 chair
    1:17 couch
    1:36 table
    2:09 desk (fingerspell)
    2:33 bed
    3:09 dresser
    3:21 mirror
    3:35 closet
    do the rest urself. I know most of them already

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