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Learn ASL: Ask and Answer “How are you?” – Basic / Beginner Vocabulary

Hi Friends! Today we’re going to learn
signs related to feelings, emotions, that kind of thing. We’ll start basic with the
question: how are you? That’s how the sign HOW — how, How are you? how are you? It tends to be fast, almost one sign: How are you? so that’s the question how are you. You
may also use a different question like “what’s up?” so this is that open-8
handshape: what’s up? What’s up? so again that’s two questions: how are
you and what’s up. And now some responses there are many! “GOOD” – here’s good. And sometimes the second hand will drop: good, good one-handed. And your facial expression
will change meaning, so “good” with a moderate/medium mouth is different from “good!” with a big smile. Bad, bad. You tend to shake your head “no”. BAD. Happy happy — or two-handed: happy. and that should actually touch your
chest: happy happy or happy. Sad. Sad Mad, or angry. This is that claw handshape: mad Fine – five handshape. FINE. Okay. Okay. like this: okay SO-SO. And again there’s that medium mouth morpheme: so-so. okay, so now we’ll review: Good, bad,
happy, sad, angry, fine, okay, so so, okay So there’s some big inner feelings and
responses and questions and answers! “How are you?” “Happy” For are even more feelings and emotions, you can click over here to see a video. For other beginner
conversational phrases, questions, responses, check out this video. And I’ll see you again soon! bye

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