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Learn ASL: Ask and Answer About Age in American Sign Language for Beginners

Hello! For age — to sign about age To ask a question: “How old are you?” “How old is he/she?” The response: “I’m age 20” “I’m age 30.” You point your self and sign age once, and then the number. Now, for numbers 1 through 9, you can sign it like that — Age 1, age 2 — comes right off the chin. So maybe: “The girl over there she is 1.” “2 years old”, “3 years old” … age 4, age 5, age 5, age 6, age 7, age 8, age 9 So maybe: “The girl over there she is nine years old.” Now, numbers 10 and up, tend to sign with the full sign AGE – AGE-10, AGE-11, AGE-12, 13 years old, 14 years old, 15 years old and so on. AGE-20, AGE-25, AGE-30, AGE-45, AGE-90. Sometimes I see it like this–where they also just use the index finger — AGE-10, AGE-11, AGE-12… Same thing! I sign it, personally, like this. Now: How old are YOU?

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