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Learn Arabic – Thank You & You’re Welcome in Arabic

Hi! I’m Carole. Welcome to’s Al-ʿarabiyyah
fi ṯalāṯi daqāʾiq. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to
learn Arabic. In the last lesson, we learned how to introduce
ourselves in Arabic. Today we’re going to learn how to use good
manners as we thank people. Hal ʾantum ǧāhizūn? Are you ready? Fal nabdaʾ!, then let’s start! There are several ways to thank someone. Let’s start with the most common phrase: šukran! [slowly] šukran šukranmeans “thank you”. To say “thank you very much,” you just need
to add ǧazīlan: šukran ǧazīlan! [slowly] šukran ǧazīlan! šukran is a formal way of saying thank you. If you want to thank someone more casually,
say: Mutašakkir if you’re a guy and Mutašakkirah
if you’re a girl. [slowly] Mutašakkir /Mutašakkirah This phrase means “I am grateful” or “I
am thankful” When someone thanks you, how should you answer? There’s no set response like “You’re welcome”
in English, but there are a few things you can say. The first is: Bi kulli surūr This means “With pleasure.” [slowly] Bi kulli surūr Another phrase you can say is Taḥta ʾamrika
which literally means “at your service” or “at your disposal!” If you are talking to a woman, you should
say “Taḥta ʾamriki”. [slowly] Taḥta ʾamrika/Taḥta ʾamriki It is often used as a funny way of responding
to someone thanking you. There are so many ways of saying “you’re
welcome” in Arabic, another one is “lā šukra ʿalā wāǧib” which means “don’t
thank me, it’s my duty”. [slowly] lā šukraʿalā wāǧib Now it’s time for Carole’s tips. šukran can mean thank you or thanks. Arabic language is very emotional, and relations
between Arab people are very personal. So what if you want to use an expression that
sounds more friendly? In that case, you can use ʾAllah yiḫallīk! This is a nice way to thank someone, that
means “May God protect you!” [slowly] ʾAllah yikhallīk! Do you know what ʾilā al-liqāʾ means? In our next lesson you’ll learn this and
more other greetings in Arabic! ʾilā al-liqāʾi fi al-marrati al qādimah!

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