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Learn Arabic (Lebanese) lesson 1

Learn Arabic (Lebanese) Lesson one if u are a foreigner in Lebanon then you
are in the right youtube page. I am Hiba Najem and i will help you to learn lebanese before we begin the lebanese language is devided into two types the first one is used for writing and reading we wont learn it because we don’t use it we use the speaking language i will help you to learn it now to begin we will learn how to introduce ourselves hello how are you marhaba kifak for a man marhaba kifik for a woman i need to tell you that marhaba is simply translated hi or bonjour so if you want to say hello you can use marhaba or you can use bonjour or hi everyone uses it everyone will understand you to continue marhaba kifak for a man Marhaba kifik for a woman my name is Maria i come from mexico isme maria jeye mnel mexic to study the arabic language edros aarabeh my name is Maria i come from Mexico to study the arabic language isme Maria jeye mnel Mexic edrous aarabeh i work as a translator beshteghil terjmein isme Maria my name is Maria jeye mnel mexic i come from mexico edrous aarabeh to study the arabic language i work as a translator beshteghil terjmein this is the first lesson i hope you enjoyed it i will be with you step-by-step to learn arabic (Lebanese) language bye

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  • It's hard to hear you clearly – it sounds like there's a fan or something running in the background. Also, you said "hi how are you (man) (kifak) or hi how are you (woman) (kifik)". I don't understand, are you addressing a man or speaking as a man when you say kifak?

    I appreciate you putting the video together and thanks for your time.

  • حبيبتي يا أستاذتي الجليلة ما عندنا شك في إنك بتحبي تنشري اللغة العربية والثقافة العربية لكن إنك تصطلحي مصطلح " اللغة اللبنانية " هادا خطأ كتير كتير كبير المفروض إنك تساهمي في تقوة اللغة الأم -الفصحى مش تقوي لهجة حملت العديد من التأثيرات من اللغات السامية والرومانية وبعض لهجات الترك هي لهجة للتعامل في مجتمعك إنتي هادا اللي عم تسويه جريمة في حق اللغة العربية الجليلة اللغة المُشتق منها كل لغات العالم فأرجوو من حضرتك تحسني اللغة العربية وتحاولي تتكلمي فيها بدل ما تتكلمي بلهجة لبنانية وتقولين إنها لغة هذا تحايل عل اللغة العظيمة اللي لو عرفتي قيمتها ما كنتي بدأتي تعلمي الأجانب لهجة لبنانية مع إحترامي الكل للبنان وشعب لبنان كلو فوق راسي وحضرتك كماان 

  • الف شكر على هذا الجهد المميز للتعليم . وبما لدي ملاحظة صغير وهي ان اللغة البنانية هي اللغة العربية و لا تسمى لغة لبنانية بل اكسينت لبناني او لهجة لبنانية اكرر لك الشكر و فريق العمل معك الله يعطيكم الف عافية 

  • Hello, my name is Cody.  I started learning Eastern Arabic about 2 weeks ago.  I noticed that you use 'jeyeh' for 'I'.  Can 'ana' also be used?

  • I teach spinning classes and one of my students is Arabic. I told her that the next time that we meet I will be able to speak a little Arabic to her. Thank you for teaching me. I'm working on four others as well Russian being one of them. Spokoni-nochi goodnight. You very pretty!

  • you are a great teacher! i have been to Beirut before, was actually surprised how much English was spoken. might study there this summer at saifi summer institute ( Urban Arabic)

  • I'm Mexican look Arab and I wanna learn because My Arab friends family talks to me in Arabic and all I know is Marhaba loL
    Also I wanna get married Arab style but never is gonna happen

  • I am of lebanese ancestry but when my great grandparents came over to America they didnt teach their children the language or culture. I feel like I lost out on that and would like to bring it back into the family to teach my children because our culture and language is something important to regain and preserve. I am finding it a bit difficult since no one that i know speaks it. I learned spanish fluently from listening to my husband speak it within a year but without anyone to speak with i think it might be more difficult than anticipated

  • Im glad I found your channel I'm Monica I'm an English teacher I was born in Los Angeles, my family is Mexican. I work here in L.A. but my husband is from Tripoli Lebanon and I love Arabic ..I've been trying to learn for a while… great class

  • I've recently become enfatuated with lebanese girls. So stoked to know there are arab girls that arent extremely stiff:) And they're so gorgeous. This girl for example is exotic as hell. I like the arabic language. And it looks like ive finally found an arab country that i could enjoy living in long term, which is essential in order to learn good arabic.

  • thx for teaching i have my son in lebanon and i wish one day i see him again one day… and i can say to him many things him thx u so much for help us

  • Your videos have helped me with my learning Lebanese video that i am creating. Also I'll be in Lebanon this year, maybe we can do a video together.


  • Just to add, you should add English subtitles when citing the Arabic, for those that don't understand.

  • in all arab countries, the language spoken between people is slang, most words are far away from arabic language( in spelling and in pronunciation). but that doesnt mean we dont know arabic. all arabs know official arabic for it is the one taught at school, spoken in tv ( news…but not series and movies)and of course written in books.

  • Hi Hiba, When you are greeted with Marhaba by another person, i have been told you can answer with Ahlein(not sure if thats spelt correctly) what does Ahlein mean? thanks ahead of time.

  • Marhaba Hiba, kifek? Ana saken b Colombia. I think when you say: Ana Jeyeh min el mexic, edros, Aarabeh, you are saying, I come from Mexico, I study Arabic literaly, but in English you say: to study the Arabic language, so I think you have to say: Ana jeyeh min el mexic la edrus el lugah el arabeah.

  • Hi hiba! Thank you so much for teaching us what Lebanese people actually say instead of the really really traditional Arabic that some other countries use!

  • In Turkish, "Merhaba." My Lebanese gf just got hit in North Syria, so she is in a Berlin Hospital with brain damage. She doesn't remember any English. Her primary languages are Lebanese Arabic and Parisian French.

    I don't speak either. I don't speak German.

    I need to learn Lebanese Arabic to speak to a woman in an hospital bed. Now.

  • What does she mean by "for woman" and "for men" like do you greet a man with marhaba kifak and a woman with marhaba kifik

  • مرحبا هبة كيفك انا اول مرة اجي على القناة وانا عربية مثلك بليز ردي التعلق انتي وين عايشة

  • I am 25% Lebanese but it's a small part of the American culture. I wish I knew it and that my grandparents were alive to tell me their story of how they got from Lebanon to America on a row boat. I want to learn the language because I feel like that part is missing from me.

  • You said that lebanese is divided into two groups speaking and writing, but you only teach the speaking. what if you wanted to learn the writing also? do you teach that also?

  • I would also like to have a lesson on arabic in the hospital. 🙂 You're the best ! I've learnt a lot ! Thank you very much.

  • it would help a lot if you used sub titles for better pronunciation, very very good videos tho!!!

  • Can you please explain? When you say kifak for a man and kifik for a woman, do you mean only a man says kifak, or that anyone says kifak when speaking to a man?

  • I've been researching into how to talk Arabic easily and discovered a great resource at Mirykal Lingo Guide (google it if you're interested)

  • Is there a textbook i can buy so i can learn lebanese arabic? Side note: I am 1/2 lebanese and 1/2 puerto rican but i’ve never met a lebanese person in nyc :/ strange. Maybe im not looking in the right places.
    My mom didn’t teach me spanish, i had to learn by myself.. with textbooks. So that’s what i plan to do with arabic

  • I want to tell you something Americans Arabs know English language very much so if you want to go to Lebanon Lebanese know English language no problem if you talk to a small girl or boy they will know every world you speak and I'm a Lebanese girl I'm in 12 years old 😉we are waiting for you we are family 👪

  • Hi i checked your lesdons and since i live in the US and to know different spices like cinnamon or all spice or herbs do you think you can teach us those? I love your videos

  • hi hiba nice to see from nepal .im here now at beirut ..i m working ta here beirut i want learn arabic ..when i find your video im very happy i hope i can speak aribic…i want see your every lesson see you HIBA..

  • Enjoying these videos, thankyou. But I am very confused on how there is 2 types of the Lebanese language, but you don't use the writing and reading language?

  • اسمها اللغه العربيه مش اللغه اللبنانيه يا غبيه وعفكره انت جاهله بالانجليزي مش عارف كيف حاطينك ترجمان لغتك وإذا انت عم تقرئي ظعيفه يعني بس بدك تصوري فيديو بس تخلف

  • Can I ask a question.. Is lebanese = levantine ? Some videos are syrian dialect, some are lebanese dialect , arent they all under levantine .. Im confused

  • marhaabaa ! keefik ? Im from Nepal and I want to learn lebanese language, thank you so much for videos. It will help me to learn..

  • Hello dear friends! I would like to learn lebanese arabic. If someone helps me i will be more than happy. Facebook : Merve Duygu Toprak instagram : mrvinwonderlandd

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