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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn and Master Sign Language – Tip 04 – Finger Spelling

Finger Spelling is also known as the manual alphabet The fact that ASL is not English is going to come up over and over again However Finger spelling has 26 hand shapes that do in fact represent the English language This does not in any way make ASL any less of its own language Think about spoken languages Borrowing from other languages In English we have borrowed words, phrases, etc from other languages and it doesn’t make English any less English When finger spelling you are going to use your dominant hand So if you write with your right hand then you will finger spell with your right hand If you write with your left you will finger spell with your left In this course you will be taught the appropriate time for finger spelling, tips on understanding finger spelling and have over 250 words to practice at three different speeds But, for now Byron is going to show you how to finger spell A through Z We look forward to working with you to develop your finger spelling skills We encourage you to go through this list and pick out all the letters to spell your name When you meet someone spell your name and introduce yourslef This is how to sign my name Byron is going to introduce himself now Did you catch that? He asked you what your name was. Pretty good start right? In Learn & Master Sign Language we will teach you the entire alphabet of course But we will take you much further than that into the depth of the beautiful language called ASL American Sign Language Watch the next video where we’ll talk about holidays and signs you will use among family and friends

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