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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn American Sign Language Online with Johnny! (ASL)

Hello! My name is Johnny Hill. My sign name is this: Why is this my sign name? When I was born and my parents found out I was Deaf, they tried to get my attention with fingerspelling J-O-H-N-N-Y. It was a lot of work and they didn’t like it. They found a short cut with the first letter J and the last letter Y J-Y: Johnny I was born in Utah and recently moved here to Washington DC to Gallaudet University the only Deaf university in the world! This place is really exciting; there is no other place like this. I’m excited to teach you ASL because I graduated with a degree in Deaf studies with an emphasis in ASL education. Often hearing people and deaf people try to communicate through spoken language and find that they have barriers and limitations. ASL dissolves those barriers! It’s going to be fun! Join my class and find a new language and culture that’s rich! Ready to learn?!

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