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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn American Sign Language: Beginner conversational words and phrases in ASL

Hello! Today I’m going to teach you
beginner ASL signs, so you can start communicating
using ASL, or American Sign Language. Are you ready?
And that’s the sign for “READY”? HELLO HI HOW ARE YOU? So that’s the sign for “how”
and then you point to the person “how are you?” GOOD. Or one-handed: “Good”. BAD. Turn your palm down: “bad” FINE “I’m fine” “so-so” “OKAY” – literally the handshapes for “O” and “K”. “Okay”. “I’m okay” “GREAT” or “WONDERFUL” “what’s up?” So it’s that “open-8”
handshape, from the shoulders: “what’s up?” “nothing” “busy” “busy” or “I’m busy” “not a lot” “what’s your name?” Though in ASL, it’s more literally: YOU NAME WHAT? and sometimes people add a “YOU” at the end as well. So: “what’s your name?” MY NAME (is) … and then you fingerspell your name. In my case, “Meredith”. If you have a sign name, you would then teach your sign name, so ME NAME and then as a beginner you’ll be fingerspelling your name. “nice to meet you” “nice to meet you” and you sign that toward the person. YES Nod your head “yes” NO – you can shake your
head “no” DEAF HEARING (or not deaf) and HARD-OF-HEARING. Somewhere in the
middle — “hard-of-hearing”. For example: “Are you deaf?”
“No, I’m hearing. Are you hearing?” “No, I’m deaf.” So you can sign “I’m hearing” and “I’m
learning ASL” so–that’s “I’m learning ASL”. Sign the
sign “learn” once, twice — I’ve seen both. Or “I WANT” — that’s the sign for “want”. “I want to learn ASL” “I want to learn ASL” or “I want to learn
sign” — so that’s “ASL” – American Sign Language. Sign language
generally speaking sign and then language or you might see it with a
different handshape: sign language. UNDERSTAND – like “I understand”. if you’re
nodding along — so “I understand”. The finger flicks like that up, Or “DON’T UNDERSTAND”
if you shake your head no — I don’t understand. So remember that shaking your
head like that means “not understand” PLEASE SORRY “sorry, I don’t understand.” please SLOW. slow AGAIN AGAIN. I’m going to show that again — an example: “Sorry, I don’t understand.” “Please sign again, slow.” I’ll do that
again this is useful: “Sorry, I don’t understand.
Please sign again slower.” THANK-YOU. “thank you” or sometimes two
hands – if really emphatic. “thank you” “see you later” so that’s SEE-you LATER. Thank you for watching! I hope that you
continue to learn ASL and I’ll see you later. Bye!

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  • i don’t know if anybody still comes on this video or if you still read comments, but is your left hand the same as my left or do i need to mirror the video? i don’t want to learn it all backwards lol

  • I’ve noticed that most signs are more dominated to the right hand as the primary hand, my right hand doesn’t function as well as my left, is it okay to sign one handed signs with my left hand?

  • Hey love your videos! Would love to see one about asking basic questions and how to say who, where, what etc. But thank you for all of the wonderfull videos you all ready have!

  • Thanks for this video! SO Much easier to follow than some of the other videos out there. I saw a play a couple weeks ago about a deaf boy and I decided to learn some sign after. Just found out the college I want to go to has a minor in sign and I think I'm gonna do that! Trying to get a head start so I don't have to start in the basics class lol

  • I'm trying to teach my sisters asl since iv been trying to learn it myself for 1 year now. Lol I'm homeschooled and have 3 sisters need someone to talk to in asl.. so I'm making a list of words to teach and for them to study

  • I am trying to learn ASL because of my employees at work. I find your videos very educational. I am so excited to watch more and continue to learn! Thank you!

  • OMG thank you so much for teaching me Asl this is such a blessing to find this channel this will help me in the future and thank you God bless!

  • Im hearing and I decided a month and a half ago I wanted to learn sign language. Its always been interesting to me and I thought "why not?" So I started with a 3 parter from another YouTuber and have been watching hers this whole time. I came across yours yesterday and know a few of the words but it's still teaching me a lot.
    The voice over is helping me more I think. I want to be a police officer one day and lots of them already know Spanish, I think this will make me more unique and able to help hard of hearing or deaf people in the future.

  • Hiii Meredith,Thank You so much for these videos..They're pretty clear and easy to learn. My aunt is almost deaf ( she can hear partially with one ear) and she cannot speak either..She's is in her early 30's and I would really love to teach her sign language whilst learning myself so we can communicate with her. Two JW are also teaching her and they're pretty good at it..I'm so grateful to God for them as well as your videos.. Thank You once again..

  • Probably a lame question, but if I am right-handed, do I need to mirror everything in the video? Does it matter which hand does what?

  • Can someone please make a check-list for all the words in the video? Im too lazy and I want to practice easier. 😀

  • I feel like if I go deaf or someone close to me does it would be helpful if I could maybe (very badly) translate for them if needed or just speak to them. I'm also really scared of going mute so this would be helpful if that ever happens

  • I finally have an instructor on here that I can follow! I am so excited! I am also teaching my 4 year old and two year old while I learn! Thank you!!!

  • I am a "hearing person". Carson McCuller's book/movie 'The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter' brought me here. If you know the story you will obviously understand why. If you DON'T know the story you can watch the entire movie here on You Tube free (so far). STRONGLY recommended!!! [EDIT] Thank you Meredith! You make learning fun and easy. And ALSO ~Sweeps his hand around his face and points to Meredith~. [;- )

  • One of my friends parents is deaf and one is hard of hearing, so this has helped me communicate with her and her parents! Thank you Meredith!!!!!

  • Hi sis, I want to learn ASL and words, then do have there deaf college or trainning course? Hope Im improving if I will learn lot from you.

  • I am so confused…
    I have been browsing through videos on ASL, and everybody has different but similar gestures….
    What do I do?

  • My friend knows sign language and often uses it when she is upset and doesn't want to speak out loud. Idk any, so I'm hoping I can understand her better during those times ^w^

  • Great video! I like how you show us a side profile of some signs. Question: From my point-of-view, am I using my opposite hand to make these signs, or copying you exactly? Your right is my left.

  • in asl does it matter what hand you use? if you sign hello with your left hand does it mean something completely different?

  • I'm learning sign language because when I was third grade I had a dead friend and I only new my alphabet and how to say friends cause like my school was for any type disability child and I want to communicate with him fluency sooo bad it came long after it came back to me and I'm learning quick as possible

  • I’m Japanese!!
    I’m learning Japanese Sign Language.
    Now I begin learning ASL with watching this video or using application!!

    I hope I can help deaf people in Japan or English users.

  • I don't happy my brother ormy sister-in-law law are don't learn asL , l need to learn more asL ,beasuse my old is asL from batter Creek in michgan long ago!😞💔

  • I deaf a cashier at my local Target who is deaf, and i knew how to say thank you but not much else. so i want to go back and see her and talk to her in asl 🙂

  • I work in a State Prison and every now and then we have some inmates who are deaf and I hope watching this and learning asl will help me communicate better with these inmates so I can help them. Subbed

  • i'm trying to learn asl cause i have always wanted to but there's this girl in my school she has a interpreter no one talks to her they stare and point after i'm kinda fluent should i try talking to her i need advice i'm kinda shy and don't talk to people i don't know any advice please reply??

  • So I've been looking at a lot of videos following this concept and all of them are slightly different in position, sign or order of sentences, how do I know what's best to use?

  • I wanted to learn asl because I wanted to be able to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people your videos make it so easy,thank you

  • New subcriber! I'm so glad I found this! I really want to learn! I'm not deaf, but I'm sure I'll need this at some point in my life to help someone.

  • After fingerspelling your name, you can show who you're signing to your name sign. Don't have one? Make one up! If a girl named Trisha has long hair, her name sign could be a t trailing down the side of your head.

  • So when she's asking a question, sometimes Meredith signs "you" again at the end of the question… but sometimes she doesn't. Would "you" have to be signed twice? Is it for emphasis on the subject?

  • I wanted to learn ASL in highschool but was barely able to take a class in my second semester in college. I always felt that it's really important to learn asl as there are several people who use it and you never know when it may be useful. Communication is important! Your videos help me practice what I learned and to learn new words, thanks!!

  • Me according to this video:
    "Hello, I L-A-Y-L-A. I hearing and learn ASL. I 16. I love play guitar, dance and eat sandwiches. Also, E-U-R-O-V-I-S-I-O-N great! Good game, L-A-Z-A-R-E-V, R-U-S-S-I-A!"

  • I don’t get the difference between Good and Than you, can someone help me? I don’t want to do it wrong :/

  • I am learning sign language , this my fisrt time learning it…i saw deaf guy in the store the other day…his phone was stolen and i couldnt help. I felt so bad…i am trying to learn it from my class as well as youtube. My causin is deaf too. I need to make deaf friends

  • I know nobody that is deaf nor have I crossed paths with anybody that is deaf, but she’s super hot and her voice is super soothing so I guess I’m learning sign language now

  • Thank you so much for these lessons. Do you have to use a particular hand? I noticed you mostly used your right hand, but what if your left-handed?

  • I suddenly became interested in sign language yesterday. I have a cousin who is training to become a nurse. She told me about how they are taught sign language. She then showed me how to say "what is your name?, I like you, thank you". Then I thought how interesting it would be if I could communicate with someone who is deaf (sorry to say). How happy I will be!

  • I'm learning because I was a little mad at a store bagger when he dint do what i told him to. I realised soon that he was deaf & I couldn't even tell him I was sorry.. I vowed that night I wud learn asl.. The next day I went back and I apologized in sing laguage.. he was elated.. and we became friends since :). sadly he moved and i had no one to practice with anymore

  • -ready
    -hello , hi
    -how are you?
    -good , bad , fine , so-so , okay , great
    – whats up?
    – nothing , busy , not a lot
    – what is your name?
    – my name is XXX
    – nice to meet you
    – yes , no
    – deaf , hearing , hard of hearing
    – Are you deaf?
    – No i am hearing. I am learning asl
    – asl , sing language , sign
    – understand / dont
    – please , sorry , slow , again
    – sorry i dont understand
    – please sign again slower
    – thank you
    – see you later

  • I like what your expessive face , act of body language.
    Use a b hand
    First finger touch the side of hair, to go a little up…

  • I'm not deaf not hard of hearing but I love learning ASL because I don't talk much at school and because I'm shy. And because just in case I want to help someone who is deaf.

  • I wanna learn sign language to help people I encounter who are deaf tho I don't know anyone rn but maybe in a job where I might encounter a deaf person I'd like to help them out 😁

  • I love this video! I was taking English Sign Language in high school and ASL in college. Some of these signs are coming back to me now…. I need to keep practicing. Is so much fun!!!! I'm subscribing right now!

  • Since I started watching movie where they speak in asl I look every where how to learn asl but i couldn't find anything, then I find u. Ur way to teach is awesome and I will keep learning with ur videos

  • I’m learning sign language cause I’m bored I knew all these phrases except two so thank you for that

  • hi i got a new friend and she is deaf i really really want to learn it just for her and to understand her and be closer as friends thanks dude for helping

  • Thank you for your videos. I am watching one a day, and I am learning so much. Your lessons are easy to follow, and you do not teach too many phrases or words so as to discourage me from learning. You're a great teacher, so thank you for posting these videos.

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