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Learn American Holidays – April Fools’ Day

hi everyone I’m Alicia April Fool’s Day
is one of the most beloved and some would say pointless holidays in the
United States in fact it’s light-hearted nature is
part of what makes it so popular there is a popular misconception regarding the
origin of April Fool’s Day do you know what it is we’ll show you the answer at
the end of this video the events associated with April Fool’s Day are not
officially organized and are often not observed intentionally this is a holiday
when just about everybody gets a prank or two played on them in the United
States Americans generally celebrate April Fool’s Day by looking for any
opportunity they can to play a prank on their friends in fact this is really the
only point of the entire holiday April Fool’s Day is not marked by parades
speeches or other events this holiday is all about fun on April Fool’s Day you’ll
find people falling victim to pranks that are elaborate and simple alike a
lot of the time the pranks involve telling somebody something outrageous or
false and if they’re gullible enough to believe it
saying April Fool’s to let them know that they’ve been had by a prank even
companies get into the action on April Fool’s Day in the United States for
example Google the internet search giant became famous for adding features to its
Google Earth and maps products that were downright ridiculous if you tried to
plot a walking route across an ocean for example you might get advice to use a
kayak or a jet ski to traverse the natural barrier April Fool’s Day is not
just an American holiday it actually dates back to earlier holidays including
the Roman festival of hilarya the idea of having a holiday specifically to play
pranks isn’t a United States tradition alone and now here’s the answer to the
quiz do you know what a popular misconception is regarding the origin of
April Fool’s Day contrary to popular belief April Fool’s Day is not rooted in
people mistaking April 1st for the beginning of the new year in fact there
are references to this holiday known to historians that date
as early as the late 1300s how is this lesson did you learn something
interesting this April Fool’s Day exists in your country if so what are some
traditional tricks or jokes for this day please leave a comments at English class until next time you

8 Replies to “Learn American Holidays – April Fools’ Day”

  • This first time I know about that
    Thank you and I will try doing something like that with my family and my freind

  • Very informative lesson. I'm from Colombia. Here we celebrate "Día de los Inocentes" ("Innocents' Day") on December 28th. It has religious origins, though. It commemorates the day when Herodes had all children under the age of two years killed… And we do just what Americans do: We play pranks on friends and relatives.

  • In Russia the Fool Day has been popular since the day in December 1999, when president Eltsyn offered Punin as the next president. 

  • I hid my Supervisor's electric fan on that day some years ago, then i told him that it was borrowed by his superior boss. Apr is among the hottest times in my area. He tried to cope with the heat for 2 days. He eventually got pissed and came straight to his boss asking why he had borrowed the fan without asking him in advance and wanted to claim it back. Both got pissed. And i finally got to say goodbye with my promotion that year. Epic fail ever…. 

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    Learn American Holidays – April Fools' Day

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