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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn about the benefits of Baby Sign Language – Meet Host Rachel Coleman

>>Bruce: Rachel Coleman, one of the creators of Baby Signing Time is not only a mother, but also an Emmy nominated performer, singer/songwriter, and host of baby signing time. I had a chance to sit down with Rachel to learn more about Baby Signing Time. So Rachel, tell me, how did you develop this program? What is the story behind the inception of baby signing time?>>Rachel: It really started with my daughter, Leah. Leah was born deaf, and we found out she was deaf when she was a year old. So we taught her sign language so we could communicate better. Within a couple of months Leah’s Sign Language vocabulary just blew away her hearing peers. I mean, they were pointing and whining, and she was saying “Mom, I would like goldfish crackers” “and chocolate milk.” “I love you, bye bye.” You know, just so cute, while her friends were pointing at the cupboard and saying “ahh, ahh, ahh.” You know. She had a language explosion. She could tell us about everything that she was interested in. “Mom, look at that red car.” “Oh, those flowers are just beautiful.” You know She was telling us about her world. It was like… It was like having a window into her heart and mind. And I thought, “why doesn’t every parent use this?” Why doesn’t every parent use Sign Language to communicate with their children?>>It is amazing!. It is amazing that you can communicate with your 6 month old who is signing”doggie.” They know what’s going on. It’s a sign that something is turning up there, and they’re learning.>>It’s just really fun to see his little personality develop.>>She is just so observant of the world around her. She amazes us at the things she notices and picks up on.>>It just brings you so close because you understand each other. You understand what she’s asking. She understands what you’re saying.>>It’s like we’re having a conversation.>>I think that’s probably one of the most brilliant ideas with Baby Signing Time is that all young children who are pre-verbal could potentially benefit from this program.>>Rachel: Now it’s time to learn some signs. It’s like there’s food in your hand and you bring it to your mouth. It’s also the sign for food. Can you sign “eat?” Just like you’re holding a cup to your lips and you tip it back like you’re taking a drink. Drink Let’s see you sign “drink.” You make a fist and knock it on your elbow like this. Cracker, cracker. Can you sign cracker? You make a “W” with your fingers and you bounce it right on your chin. Water, water. Can you sign “water?” Take you finger and scoot in across your chin like you’re whipping away cereal. Cereal. Now you sign “cereal.” You open and close your fist like this. It’s kind of like you’re milking a cow. Milk. Let’s see the sign for “milk.” It looks just like you’re peeling a banana, and your finger is the banana. Banana. Can you sign “banana?”>>Rachel Sings: It’s time to eat, eat, eat. What a treat. Eat, eat crackers. I’m all done now. Children: All done now. Rachel: I wash it down… Children: Wash it down. Rachel: …with my favorite drink. Child: Water Rachel: You make a “W” with your fingers and you bounce it right on your chin. Water, water. Can you sign water?>>Child 1: Water.>>Child 2: Water.>>Child 3: Water.

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