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Learn about Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Body Language with Donald Trump

As an interviewer or a negotiator do you
read the person’s body language even when they are not speaking? if you do so
are you getting the entire picture? So stay with me as we analyze body language can speak so much even when the person is not verbally communicating Hi, this is Yash from Simply Body Talk & this is Body Language Classified. Pakistani Prime Minister
Imran Khan recently visited us to meet President Donald Trump And this meet was regarding improve the relations between both the countries as Pakistan
was criticized a lot by US President Donald Trump. This interview was covered by a lot of
media and this interview featured specifically these two leaders and it was very interesting. Throughout the
interview Trump claimed a majority of talk time and as naturally media companies
were focusing on him in order to see you where exactly this meeting was going on.
Was this right strategy by media or should they have broadcasted the clip
with Khan also visible? With difficulty we located a clip where you can see both
Trump and Khan in the same frame. Here is the fun part even with the Pakistani
Prime Minister was not speaking, his body language was revealing a ton of
information about what he was thinking and what he was feeling. Let’s see how you can
read a person even if the person is not verbally speaking One of the easiest to spot is a smile of contempt on khan’s face when certain topics are raised by Donald Trump
here we see the smile of contempt is generally spotted only when one side of
lip moves upwards and pinches from the side as we see Now one may say that this is Khan’s natural way of smiling not him showing contempt.
To understand this we are going to see how his face naturally looks like.
Here we see that his lips are naturally Bend downwards on his neutral face or
one way he is not smiling then we try and see how he normally smiles like when he is happy. We notice that Imran khan does not maintain eye contact with Donald Trump throughout the interview even during the customary handshake at
the beginning of the interview. Does this mean Imran Khan is someone who is not habitual to looking at people while he converses with them? or does this means this lack of eye contact is driven from the
the culture he comes from for this, we dug out a few clips where Imran Khan is conversing with other leaders so that we could understand. What we notice is that khan does maintain eye contact with people while conversing with them the why does he avoid complete eye contact while conversing with trump even though Trump was trying to maintain
eye contact with him while speaking this might be happening because he might be feeling
less confident he might be not able to built rapport with trump or he is not liking Trump’s mannerisms. It can be any of these but to know which one we would have to see more of them conversing with each other. But one thing is very sure, that he is not at all comfortable and he is feeling highly stressed. Khan keeps his hands in an interlocked fashion in which his thumbs keep pointing upwards This is a sign of high confidence. But during the point when trump is speaking, we see khan’s thumb disappearing from sight again and again Remember, it is very difficult to hide what one is feeling through their body language So what about the thumbs-up position that Khan takes up during various times during the interview? Does this hand position actually show times when Khan is feeling confident? It is most likely that this is a position which his media coach has taught him to take on. We see him deliberately taking on this hand placement again and again throughout the interview. Notice how he is correcting his hand position in this clip Now we come to an interesting action referred to by famous body language expert Joe Navarro as Leg Cleanse Notice here how the media is asking Khan a question and at this point Khan has not begun responding We see Khan sitting up straight, adjusting his kurta This behavior of rubbing the hands on the thighs rubs of the sweat in his hands A sign of a person who is highly stressed This might be either because of the situation he is put into or the type of question asked to them at this point Many might argue he was just adjusting his kurta not rubbing off sweat, Let’s see how adjusting looks like We see similar Leg Cleanse behavior by Imran Khan immediately after he shakes hands with Donald Trump Imran Khan is noticeable very nervous throughout the entire interview. However, whenever this Leg Cleanse behavior happened These are the points of peak stress. If you watch the entire interview video, you would be able to see at what particular points does he show this kind of behavior? It would help you to put body language into the right context. If you want to check out the interview, the link is below in the description. We finally come to our last point i.e. Neck Withdrawal. Withdrawal of neck towards the back means that someone is not liking what is being discussed or they just want to get away from the conversation. Notice how Khan does show these kinds of behavior at different points in the interview. Once when Trump is speaking about something specific and once, when media person is asking something but khan still has not started answering the question. we often catch khan trying to correct his neck position deliberately. putting his neck straight after chin being down. This is another sign that he has been coached to show the right body language in front of the media. But as we discussed, no matter how hard you try, body language never lies! Of course, these are but a few body language signs but that might be missed out unless you were. looking in closely. Did you observe Pakistani PM or did you observe US President, did they give out any other signals, while they were not speaking? Remember, the next time you step into a crucial meeting, interview or negotiation, don’t just observe your counterpart while they were speaking, observe when they are not! They can give you ton of information. This is Yash signing off. and stay tuned for more secrets on body language and Happy Observing!

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  • when you do such analysis do you also take in consideration personality traits and body language in stress and non stress environments as evidence? or is it just an ' in the moment ' gotcha hoax? im not dismissing your analysis, just wondering.

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