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Learn 32 Basic Signs for the Beach while in Oceanside, CA – Sign Language for Beginners w/ Outtakes

Hello everybody! This is Chris Gorges
with ASL basics, I’m here in Oceanside California, home to one of the longest
wooden piers on the western coast at almost 2,000 feet long, and today we’re
going to learn Beach signs. Well one of the things that is mandatory to do while
you’re at the beach is to build a sandcastle. The sign for sandcastle is, sand castle. Sand castle. I’m here with a lifeguard
here in Oceanside California and the sign for lifeguard is like this,
lifeguard. The sign for wave as you can see behind
me, is you pull the water back and you crash down. Wave. Another request that
I’ve gotten quite a bit on social media is for palm tree. So I’m going to show
you tree and palm tree. Palm tree. The sign for a bathing-suit is actually two
signs, swim clothes. Bathing suit. The sign for pier is a bit of a
handful. So first you’re gonna pretend that your arm is the pier, you sign
water, around, pier. Water around pier. When you go to the beach you got to
bring your umbrella, umbrella. If an umbrella isn’t your style you can always
pitch up a nice shade tent, sign for that is, tent. Tent. Toys. Toys. Towels, just like you’re drying
yourself off, towel. Now we’re in Oceanside Harbor. So I’ll
show you two signs, the first one will just be boat. You cup your hands and you
make a boat. The second sign will be sailboat. So for
this you’re gonna imitate the sails on the boat and you’re going to be using a
mouth morpheme to imitate the wind, sailboat. So the sign for lighthouse will
be light house. Where the light that is rotating in the top. Lighthouse. The sign
for coconut, you pretend you’re holding a coconut and you shake it, coconut. So the
sign for beach, you set up the sand with one hand and you set up the water with
the other. Beach. Okay, so down here you can see that we have a lot of clams. So
the sign for clam is like this, clam. Behind me you see the ocean and the sign
for ocean I’ve seen two different ways, ocean with O’s or ocean with wiggling
fingers … to show the water I guess. Okay, so here we have some sand. So much like you
would just pick up sand as you would in real life, you would just pick up sand in
your palm like this, sand. One of the more requested signs that
I’ve gotten on the social media is for surf. So for surf you make a surfboard
with your hand, you stand on it, and you surf the wave. Surf. Volleyball, volleyball. So the sign for flip-flop, you pretend
that your hand is your foot, and then you have the flip-flop in between your toes.
Flip-flop. On social media I got a lot of requests
for various marine life or ocean animals, so I’ll go ahead and show you the ones
that I got requests for. The first one is dolphin. So you make a D and you make the
water with the other hand and the dolphin goes in and out of the water
dolphin. Another one was seal. So you clap your hands backward and take this for
seal. Another one I got was baby shark, Baby, shark. So for a shark you can think
of the fin as one hand and then the water as the other, and the shark is
going through the water. Another one was whale. So you make the Y
handshape with one hand, and again you you pretend your arm as the water
and the whale tail comes out of the water and splashes down. Whale. For
pelican, you take a C handshape and you go down for like it’s gullet, or its
bottom part of its beak and bird. Pelican. The sign for fish, you make a closed five
handshape with one hand, you put your index finger on the heel of your palm,
and you swim like a fish, fish. The sign for shrimp, you just bend your
pinky finger. The sign for a seahorse, you just do the same thing but upside down.
Shrimp, seahorse. So unfortunately we’re losing our sun, but I’ll show you both sun and sunset. The sign for sun, you draw a circle in the sky and you have the
sunshine coming down, I’ve also seen it with a c-shape, for Sun. For sunset you
could either do the Sun going below the horizon, or you do the Sun going
underneath the horizon sunset. So that brings us to the end of our
beach day here in Oceanside California. I hope you enjoyed learning all these
signs that our Beach related, and let me know in the comments down below which
sign was your favorite that you’ve learned today? And also if you haven’t
already please like and subscribe if you have happen to miss any of my previous
videos or my ASL basics lessons, you can get to them in the card above or in the
link in the description down below, and remember please share this video with
any of your friends or family, that way you will be able to practice what you’ve
learned and so you will be able to retain all the signs that you’ve learned
so far. And again, I want to say thanks to everybody for watching and coming with
me to Oceanside today, and until next time, I’ll see you later! Now I can’t concentrate. Okay okay okay, is it recording? Yeah, it’s always been recording.
Nice! How do you describe that?
It’s sagging neck. When you go to the beach, you need a bathing suit. and you sign it like this, oh hold on. No you don’t! Swim clothes.

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