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Language Quest: Dutch: Results!║Lindsay Does Languages Video

Hoi! Hello! So my 3 months learning Dutch
is over. Where did the time go? I say that but it’s actually felt like a really long
time. It’s been a crazy amount of stuff going on…like buying a house…when did that happen?!
So that’s kind of taken up quite a bit of time. Signing my name and then signing my
name again and signing my name again… This means that unfortunately I haven’t had as
much time as I would have liked to devote to Dutch. But it’s ok. This doesn’t mean that
the end of this 3 month period I set for myself means that I have to stop here. No! I can
carry on when I want to. I have a base knowledge that I can work with in the future and that’s
really what I wanted to gain from this. My aim at the end of the 3 months was to have
a basic conversation which I’ve been doing every week with my tutor so that’s really
good and really exciting. I haven’t filmed any of them I’m afraid and I haven’t got anybody
to speak Dutch to here but I do have a dog with noisy feet.
So what I thought I’d do for this video is ask my tutor for 5 questions to test my knowledge
of Dutch. So here we go! Questions are on paper! Wat is inversie? Ok, inversie is when
you have a word like omdat or darom and if you have like something in the sentence and
then that word, the verb after that bit goes whoosh straight to the end. Kind of like in
German. I liked this because it was fresh in my mind so this was fun. Wat is de KOFSCHIP
en war gebruken wie het …? This is to do with verbs that take a ‘t’ instead of a ‘d’?
Is that the right way round? the end of their past participle. Wat is de kortis
zin in het nederlands? I’m gonna go for ja…? Hoeveel …. linkworden…het nederlands?
Ok definite articles so there’s de and there’s het in nederlands. Het tends to be for foreign
words and for neuter words whereas de is for words with a gender but there’s’s not
as defined as in other languages. It’s not like masculine/feminine! Different endings!
Different cases! Warum ….. de ‘g’…? I think this is saying why is the ‘g’ pronounced
differently in words like etage. I think the answer is because they’re foreign words so
you don’t pronounce it in the Dutch way. I could be completely wrong with all of these
answers! So there you go. That’s my Dutch! That’s what I’ve learnt so far. I’m now a
bonafide Dutch speaker. Yay! Not quite but we can get there! What languages are you learning
lately? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to get chatting! And don’t forget to subscribe
on YouTube by clicking this button right here or the button just below my name there! It
says subscribe and you click it and it goes boom! Ting! And also don’t forget to follow
me across social media in all their various forms. I think that’s about it. Thank you!
Tot volgende week! Stand on the spot. Op, the door’s open, better do that… Subtitles by the community

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