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How To Learn Sign Language

Language Makes Us Human

Hello, I’m Tony Mayo, The Business Owner’s
Executive Coach. One of the core ideas
of executive coaching is that we, as humans,
exist largely in language. Now, I know there’s a real
physical world out there and if you kick
something, it could hurt. I’m talking about
what makes us human. It’s the words that we use in
here and express out there, that determine to a
large degree who we are, what our relationships are like, what results we have. If you have any doubts
about how defining language is for being a human being, I refer you to someone
who lived without language for the first seven
years of her life, the famous Helen Keller. She reports that she didn’t
have any real thoughts before she acquired language, that she didn’t have emotions
before she acquired language, just vague sensations. She declares that
until she had language, she was not truly a
living human being, and if you wanna be the
best human being you can be, use the best most
effective language you can. I’ll be giving you lots of
examples in these videos, and on my blog, but
for now, pay attention to who you are, based on what
you’re saying to other people and to the most important
person, in your human life.

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