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Language handling – Master Data Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central

With Master Data Information, I can add
language codes to texts or descriptions. This way, I can use different languages
for customers with different language code. Let’s take an example
from customer number 20,000. If I go into my texts,
I have different information codes and also by them the contacts. And in my contact list, I have added
the different contacts that I use for different customers
or even vendors. So on the contact for Sanne,
I would like to add a language code. Normally, the text for Sanne
will be written in English but here in the language definition,
I could define languages in other text. So, if I’m communicating with a Danish
customer with a Danish language code, I would like to read or to add
this instead which is in Danish. And this way, I could add as many
different languages that I want. This is the way to work with languages
on information codes and layers. Let’s take another example.
If I go back to my customers, I’m going into my specifications.
Now, I want to modify something and this is actually used on the item
but I could still go this way. If I go into my information code,
I should be able here to find the gender, which is normally an information
that I’m using on the item card because I want to tell whether my bikes
are male or female bike of children. And if I go into my information value
on the gender, I can see here what the values are.
And, for instance, my information value male,
it has a description of male but if we go into my language, I can
see here that the description for male in Danish and German
is called different things. So, in this way, I could use
information to switch between different languages and different companies
of dynamic for instance. If I go to the Master Data Information Setup,
I could also define the default language in this company which means that I can
merge languages into my description depending on the company setup.

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