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Language Goals for 2020? | Update on my Georgian project | Dealing with frustration

hi guys this is Stefano and you’re
watching linguaEpassione – lang ist es her as they say in German right, which
means long time no see I know it’s a late start of this new year but guess
what in January I got ill once again as it
happened last year when I was like KO for two weeks this January I also
got ill I got a cold which lasted quite a while and I wasn’t pretty much able to
use my voice or shoot any video material whatsoever so whatever the
reason now I’m here and hopefully better late than never
what we gonna do in today’s video is first of all talk a little bit about
language goals for 2020 making New Year’s resolutions in general because
this is something that I don’t always do so I’d like to share with you a little
bit my thoughts of that and also a long due update on my Georgian. I know it’s
been a while since my last video about Georgian nor in Georgian for that matter
and today I’m going to give you an update on where my Georgian is right now
and what happened in the last few months because something happened I’m probably
going to speak some Georgian as well at the end towards the end of this video
so keep watching and I really hope you enjoy so guys a new year has started I hope
you had a great start in the new year 2020 what an amazing year 2019 was for
me personally I hope you can’t say the same thing and hopefully 2020 will be
even better for all of you guys as well as for this channel so tell me have you
made your New Year’s resolutions this time around and what are your language
goals for this year if you have or if you are going to to make some now or why
not in February make sure that your resolutions or your language goals are
realistic this is so important I think so it’s no use telling yourself I this
year I’m going to become fluent in 3 new languages and also get my oh my A2 French to C2 – that’s a lot work you should try and be as realistic as
possible go with your heart yes but also put some of your mind in it as well but
who am I to to talk about this right because I’m actually someone who doesn’t
really make so many New Year’s resolutions and I rarely set language
goals as well like last year I did now have I made new plans for 2020 actually
no this year I haven’t made any plans it just didn’t feel right and I didn’t
force myself to to set a new language goals what I feel though is that I want
to continue to work on my true origin and kind of get to the next level in
Georgian if by the end of the year I get to a B level an intermediate level in
Georgian that would be just fantastic but very importantly I want absolutely
to maintain all the other languages that I speak and possibly improve
as far as vocabulary is concerned but the main point is to maintain them this is a
lot of work when when someone talks about maintaining a language it looks
like oh well you don’t have to do much to achieve that goal but it’s actually a
lot of work if we are talking about a dozen languages how much time and effort
that requires so that’s why I think it’s realistic for me to focus only on one
new language for this year and and to actually use my other languages as much
as possible in order to maintain them through actual practice this may sound
not so exciting as it is but it’s actually really important for me not to
forget even this much of what I’ve learned so far on the one hand it may be
not exciting but on the other hand there are also possible surprises along the
way because it’s possible that I participate
in one of those challenges where you learn as much as possible in a
month of a new… of a completely new language and it’s something that I’m
playing with the idea to to do this year as well even though nothing is planned
this may be a possibility I’ll keep you posted about this of course but now
let’s get to the second part of this video which is my Georgian project what
has happened to my Georgian last year I made a video after four weeks of
learning and then another video after two months and a half and that was cool
but after that I didn’t make any new video specifically about the origin the
point is after those first three months where I learned about mostly about being
conversational introducing myself talking about everyday things and I then
went over to drummer because I like grammar and I wanted to
understand the language more in depth and the way it’s structured the way it
works and functions so I spend about 3 to 4 months learning only Georgian
grammar which is extremely complicated extremely complex but very interesting
for someone who likes grammar and is interested in the way a language works
so in those three to four months did I become a better speaker no did I become
more fluent no did I start understanding the way the language is structured and
it works better yes and did I start creating the foundation upon which to
build my knowledge of this incredible language yes I hope so
so though I focus on grammar for those three to four months because I wanted to
and I felt that it was the right moment for me to do that but still because my
fluency hadn’t really changed I didn’t feel the need to make a new video for
for Georgia but then seven months into my Georgian project unfortunately
something happened that made me pretty much stop or pause during this project
and that is life cutting the way as you so nicely say in English right in this
case private issues family issues such as moving house stuff that really really
takes your time away and especially your mental energy your brain space so much
so that I went four months without even touching my georgian book or or even
listening to to some georgian or pretty much anything else for that matter yes
moving house is a big deal hey guys this is Stefano from the future
a post editing and also post a haircut I needed that just to chime in because I
suddenly realized that I hadn’t not talked about the very topic that I
absolutely wanted to touch upon and that is how to deal with the frustration that
derives from suddenly not being able to go on with your language project or any
other project for that matter something that you really want to do and you
cannot because of some other major event that happens and that like ruins your
plan so just a couple of quick tips to better deal with with such situations
the first key word for me is acceptance accepting that such things can happen
they are part of life and and it’s really no use on being too harsh on
yourself because you were not able to go on with your projects, learn everyday
etc you have to give yourself the benefit of the doubt and forgive
yourself because there has been something some something else something
external an external event that prevented you from from actually doing
what you wanted to do it is absolutely normal that in such situations
we have less time we have less brain space we have less energy to dedicate to
other things but I mean this is how life is and and you really have to try and
accept that as much as possible but also never lose completely lose touch with
the language that you are learning or were learning before the stop game so
the second key word is keeping in touch with with the language even when you
don’t have time and this you can do by thinking about it talking to yourself
when you have just a couple of minutes you’re walking in the street
thinking in the other language just to not lose touch completely and you will
see that this helps bridge from before the event the disrupting event until
after it’s over remember we are not robots we are humans
and these things can happen just go on believing in yourself and don’t be too
hard on yourself but accept the things the way they
happen and and keep trying and eventually you will get back on your
feet and ready for the next challenge. Ok now
I get out of here and I’ll let you watch the rest of the video bye but hey with
the new year new opportunities opened up and now starting from mid-january
I have started again to learn Georgian and I am very much excited about what I will
be able to do with this language towards the end of the year… გამარჯობა ქართველ მეგობრებო, როგორა ხართ?
Hello Georgian friends, how are you doing? იცით რომ მე ძალიან მიყვარს ქართული ენა
you guys know that I love the Georgian language მაგრამ მისი სწავლა ადვილი არ იყო
but it hasn’t been easy to learn it (lately) იმიტომ რომ მე გასულ წლის ბოლოს ახალ სახლში გადავედი
because at the end of last year I moved house და დრო აღარ მქონდა.
and I no longer had time on my hands. მაგრამ არ მინდა განებდე, არ მინდა გავჩერდე
However, I don’t want to stop, I don’t want to give up მე უსათუოდ, უსათუოდ მინდა გავაგრძელო!
I want to keep on learning at all costs! მადლობა მეგობრებო, ნახვამდის!
Thank you my friends, see you later! alright guys that’s all for today thank you so much for watching please stay
tuned for the upcoming videos I have a bunch of ideas if only I had as much
time as I have ideas that would be just fantastic but bear with me and I’ll
bring you some interesting stuff such as readings in Icelandic, a full video about
Italian from a special point of view, couple of interviews also coming on
with special guests that’s one of the surprises that was talking about a
couple of months earlier what else oh yes more language stories and so on and
so on so can’t wait to see you in the next video happy learning everybody
happy 2020 and see you in the next one ciao

14 Replies to “Language Goals for 2020? | Update on my Georgian project | Dealing with frustration”

  • Hi Stefano, nice to see that you're feeling better again 😊.

    Yeah mantaining a language isn't easy and takes up a lot of time, I've notice though that it's also very easy to 'recover' what you might have forgotten expecially if you go over the material you originally used.

    Have a good one 😉

  • Hallo lieber Stefano, es ist so schön dich wieder zu sehen und zu hören. Danke für deine klugen und sinnvollen Ratschläge, es ist jetzt leichter mir selbst zu verzeihen, dass mein Italienisch so langsam vorwärts geht. Viele liebe Grüße aus Polen.

  • my wife is georgian, I showed her the video you made in georgian, she told me that you have a B1 level. That means you have reached your own target. You are in your future, amazing.

  • Ik vraag me af, aangezien u Duits kan praten, kan u daardoor ook enigszins Nederlands verstaan?
    Zeker doordat u in Brussel woont. En dus omringt bent met mensen die deze taal inheems spreken. (Ook al is deze Belgische versie van de taal overduidelijk meer beïnvloed door Frans)
    Het doel dat ik gezet heb voor dit jaar is de Zweedse taal vrijwel vloeiend te kunnen beheersen zodra het voorbij is.

    Let me know to what extend you understood me.

  • OMG! It is very satisfied when you can hear how foreign people speak on you language❣️I am glad that you have started learning Georgian and I hope you will learn it better and better🤩
    Translation into Georgian ⬇️
    ძალიან სასიამოვნო შეგრძნებაა როცა უცხოელი ლაპარაკობს შენ ენაზე! მოხარული ვარ რომ დაიწყე ქართულის შესწავლა და იმედი მაქვს უფრო მეტს და მეტს ისწავლი🤩

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