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Language Exchange Ireland

Language Exchange Ireland gives people the opportunity to practise the language they
are learning with native speakers in a fun and relaxed environment which you do not get
in most language courses.  
Many schools do not put enough emphasis on the oral and conversational aspects of learning.
  The emphasis of our events is to get people
speaking the language they are learning.  
The exchanges are set out similarly to a speed-dating system. You are signed at seat number upon
arrival, and sit opposite a native speaker of the language you are learning. You speak
English for five minutes and then the other language for five minutes before moving on
to the next table and meeting the next person. The exchanges take place every Monday at 6.30pm
in Dtwo on Harcourt Street, in Dublin 2.  
The cost of the exchange is €5 which includes free food.
  We cater for a variety of languages including
Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, Polish, English, and will be adding
more very soon.  
The exchange caters for all levels. Whether you have just started a new language or are
already fluent you can benefit.  
Not only is this event great for improving your language skills but it is great for networking
and meeting new people.  
‘My name is Gerry and I came to the language exchange today in Dtwo. Thought it was a good
experience and got a good chance to practise my Spanish with some native speakers’’.
  Soy Gerry. Vine aqui para hablar en espanol
y conocer gente de otras paises. Y fue una buena experiencia y me gusto’.
  ‘Hi, my name is Juliana, I am here for the
language exchange. It’s really fun, and its really easy to improve my English and meeting
people. It’s really nice’.  
‘Hola, mi nombre es Natalie. Vengo el intercambio de lenguajes. Pienso que es muy divertido.
Practico mucho mi ingles aca. Conosco muchas personas. Pueden venir, gracias!’
  ‘Hi, I’m Awe, from France and I’m coming to
the Dtwo exchange from time to time to improve my English because I think it is a fun way
to do it and I am always meeting new people’.  
For more information, visit or for enquiries email [email protected]
  ‘I hope you liked you seen down here tonight
guys and hope to see you at one of the events soon’ 🙂

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