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Language Awareness Flashmob

For me most of the people just walked by. I think they thought I was trying to sell something. But people that actually stopped were trying to help, help even though they didn’t quite understand, but they were really trying. I think it’s interesting, cause you’re in complete loss when you don’t speak the language. They were sort of a bit embarrassed thinking: “Oh, we can’t speak French, sorry” So, very interesting experience. I asked a couple where Primark was and they decided to walk me to Primark. So it was very interesting, they were extremely nice, I didn’t use a word of English and they walked me all the way to Primark. It was interesting, some of them they just blanked out and walked right past me. They didn’t want to talk to me because I was speaking a foreign language. Others were trying to help me. But the main impression was that I felt like a tourist. It was quite funny because then they started walking away, they thought that I was messing with them, but then I tried to insist, so I followed them saying “No, excuse me, I really don’t understand” So they tried to make an effort to explain it. But none of them spoke Italian, obviously. I was a bit scary, it was very hard so I couldn’t do more than two. But it was interesting experience. I spoke to a few people that understood French I asked them something and they responded to what I was asking. One guy even made a real effort to speak French: “A gauche… A droite…” “Then cross the road…” It was really funny. It has been a great experience to see how people react to another language. There were people that were really willing to help. The event has been very successful, it’s a full step to really make know people that there are a lot of languages in Leeds.

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