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Kids React to Frozen – Let It Go (Multi-Language)

– (children) Kids React to music videos! This episode: “Let It Go” multi-language! (wind whistling) – Oh, I’ve seen this movie! “In 25 languages.” – Frozen! – (gasps) ♪ (solemn piano intro) ♪ – My grade is literally
obsessed with this song. – ♪ The snow glows white
on the mountain tonight ♪ ♪ Not a footprint to be seen ♪ ♪ Un royaume de solitude,
ma place est là… ♪ – My French teacher would love this. – ♪ Der Wind, er heult so wie ♪ ♪ Der Sturm ganz tief in ♪
– German. That’s what I am. – ♪ Mir ♪ ♪ Het werd mij te veel ♪ – You know, I still remember the lyrics. So now I’m learning new languages. – ♪ Bié ràng ta men jìn lái kàn jiàn ♪ – Why is she speaking in Chinese? – It sounds weird in Mandarin. – She still has a pretty singing voice,
I’m gonna tell you that. – ♪ …gör ♪
– (snapping fingers) – ♪ Allt är förstört ♪ ♪ Ari no ♪
– ♪ Let it– ♪ What? – ♪ Mama no ♪ ♪ Sugata miseru no yo ♪
– Olaf! – ♪ Libre soy, libre soy ♪
– Oh, in Spanish, it sounds super good.
– ♪ Libertad sin vuelta atrás ♪ ♪ Wszystkim wbrew
na ten gest mnie stac! ♪ – Polish is the best. – ♪ Jöjjön száz orkán ♪ – (Emma) ♪ The cold never
bothered me anyway ♪ ♪ (moving orchestral music) ♪ – I really love Frozen. My mom thinks there’s a lot of music, but I think it’s really good. – ♪ …mai più ♪ ♪ Nae mamdaero ♪ ♪ Jayuropge ♪
– Wonder how long it took them to do this. – ♪ Sallae! ♪
– Okay, now she just went overboard. – ♪ La den gå, La den gå ♪ – You don’t see that in a lot
of kids’ movies. Like, “Yeah-huh!” – ♪ …nå ♪ – (Emma) ♪ Let it go! Let it go! ♪ – Oh, I know Thai.
– ♪ …h̄ĕn mī kh̀ā ♪ – I think I know Thia.
– ♪ Je suis là ♪ ♪ Comme je l’ai rêvé ♪
– Canadian French? Is that different from regular French? – ♪ En de storm raast door! ♪
– Go back to English now. – ♪ De vrieskou, daar zat
ik toch al niet mee ♪ (doors slam) – That was fun, heh. It’s like Rosetta Stone in a song. – One more time. – (Finebros) One more time?
Okay, only one more time. – Thank you. – (children) Question time! – (Finebros) So what movie was that from?
– Frozen. – (both) Frozen! – (quietly) Frozen. She was beautiful. – (Finebros) Have you seen Frozen?
– No. – I have not seen it, but I want to. – Yeah, I have. – Yes. – Yes, I have. In 3-D! – First of all, I watched it. Second of all, I watched it
before it even came out. – (Finebros) Did you like it? – (gasps deeply) ♪ Loved it! ♪ – Yes. – It was awesome. – (Finebros) Why did you like it so much? – Are you kidding me?
The music, all that? Oh my god. – Because I think Olaf
is just a weird character. – Olaf had a funny character. – It has the biggest
plot twist in history, and I’ve seen Harry Potter. – That is the only Disney movie
where the girl saves the girl. – Somehow teaches
my sister and me a lesson. – (Finebros) To get along?
– Mm… No, that doesn’t actually work exactly. – (Finebros) And what did you
think about watching this song in all those different languages? – Hmmm. I don’t– I liked it? Kind of. – I wonder how she can
be able to speak all of them. – I liked it when it was in English. But when it changed, it was pretty weird. – I thought it was actually quite cool. Most of them sounded really good. – ♪ Let it go! Let it go! ♪ Just kidding. I’m German. – That’s the only time
I’ve ever heard German and have it not sound scary. – It’s cool ’cause if you’ve
heard the song before, you know what the lyrics are gonna be, and then you can hear them
in a different language. – (Finebros) Do you think
it was different girls singing each language, or
do you think it was the same girl singing in every language?
– Same girl. – Same girl. – I hope so ’cause
that’d be really amazing. But it probably isn’t. – You can’t learn 25 languages in one day. It would be like a new record. – (Finebros) It sounds a lot like her, but it actually is different
girls singing all of them. – (growls) – Oh. -Oh. – That’s so cool.
It sounds exactly like her. – They did a pretty good job, I gotta say. – (Finebros) Why do you
think the Disney company decided to make a video
like this showing you that they’ve made Frozen available in all these different languages?
– It’s just an advertisement. Then everybody’s gonna say,
“Ooh, cool, this is awesome.” – Disney’s a really cool company, and they do things
just for your enjoyment. – So people all across the world
can know the song and see the movie, so get some more money. – To get the money. (guffaws) – To show how popular
the worldwide Disney is in that, if you live in
25 different countries, that it’s available! – (Finebros) Well, did you know that when movies come out that are popular, they’ll put them in other languages so people can see them in other countries? Did you know they do that? – I do now. – I know it because
I watch Russian movies, and then I see them in books. Geronimo Stilton I watched in Russian, and I saw books in it in English. – They would do that so that
they could perform that movie in different countries
or other states and stuff so other people could see the same movie and not get jealous by how we see it. – (Finebros) So if you went
to another country, they could sing a song from Frozen. And they would know the song
just like you would know the song. But you would know it in one language, and they would know it
in another language. What do you think about that?
– (staccato grunts) (singsong) I think that is cuckoo. – That’d be really confusing. – I think that’s really cool. Maybe they could teach me
how to sing it in their language. – The whole world knowing the same song– it just shows everyone’s culture and how we do get along in a way, maybe not with wars or guns and stuff. (unsure) But we get along with songs. – (Finebros) Do you speak
a foreign language? – Indonesian and Chinese– Mandarin. – I speak a tiny bit Chinese. Xièxiè, nǐ haǒ. – Russian almost complete. Deti Reakt. – Spanish was actually my first language, and I used to speak it fluently. – I know some Spanish. Buenos días. – Jola! – “Jola”?
– (laughing) I meant to say “hola”! – (Finebros) Is there any movie or TV show that you’ve watched
that was in another language but had subtitles so you
can read on the bottom? – Many Japanese movies. My Neighbor Totoro. – They’re mainly Japanese. Spirited Away. When I was smaller, I thought
Pokémon was the best anime ever. I used to go on YouTube
every Friday after it air– well, every Saturday after it airs. And then it’s in Japanese because that’s where it comes
out first, and it’s in subtitles. So I just look at the subtitles. – (Finebros) So overall,
final thoughts about the idea that people all over the world
can love the same movie and love the same songs
but just know it in a different language. – It’s a great idea. – I think they should
do them in all movies for them and our shows. – That says that people
will always come together, even if they’re different,
even if their skin color’s different, even if their language is different. They can always come together from movies. – We can all be so different yet still be so similar
and love the same things. – It’s what being a twin’s all about. – Well, yeah.
(laughter) – Story of my life! – Pretty much.
– So similar but… – So different. – (Finebros) Can you sing
a little bit of “Let It Go” for us? – ♪ Let it go, (laughs) let it go ♪ ♪ Let it go (laughs) ♪ – ♪ Turn away and slam the door ♪ – ♪ I don’t care what
they’re going to say ♪ ♪ Let the storm rage on ♪ – (feminine voice) ♪ The cold
never bothered me anyway ♪ (laughter and praises) – Thanks for watching Kids React! – Help support Kids React
by giving it a thumbs up! – Goodbye! – ♪ Say goodbye, say goodbye ♪ ♪ We’ll see you next time on Kids React ♪ ♪ (end music) ♪

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