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How To Learn Sign Language

Kid teaching math and sign language

Hi, my name is Juli. I am five. I will teach you math. Five plus five equals six. And, three plus three equals six. And, 100 plus zero equals 100. I want to teach you sign language. Goat. Love. “I” Not. Painting. Enough words, okay? Bye-bye. Snow– I want to teach you what a snowflake is about. (describing) That’s a snowflake. Snow outside. If snowing, you’d see a teeny, beautiful snowflake. Hey, five plus five equals what? Hey, again five plus five equals what? Ten. Well, right. A bit while ago, you answered six. Nope, I said ten. You’ll see once we review the video. Done? No. A unicorn is beautiful and sparkling. It has a horn. I’ll show you the unicorn. Can you get it? A beautiful unicorn and pretty face… sparking and beautiful. That’s the unicorn. It needs a fix. One can ride on its back. It has beautiful wings. It can fly. Some unicorns have wings. Some not. Bye-bye! See you later.

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