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Just One – ASL Teacher Resource

Hello! Welcome to Dibs On Blue. My name is Stephanie and this is my sign name. This video is really for ASL teachers to figure
out how to use this game in the classroom. If you don’t know how to play this game,
I did another video explaining how to play it, so go ahead and watch that and come on back! Ok so my suggestions for you are if you have
a small classroom with a small class of students, then you can just use the dry erase boards
that are in the game. You can play with 3 to 7 players if that’s
a possibility. But if you want to play with your whole class,
then you can use your own dry erase boards, the small ones that you can just buy yourself. You just want to have enough so that every
student has 1 dry erase board. You also have to buy dry erase markers too, obviously. I just played this game with around 10 students
of mine and it went really well. It was really fun. So, the students have to sit in a circle because
you want everyone to be able to see each other. And then you can play the game as normal. Or you can have every student compete for themselves. So, for example, if I show my word and no
one else has the same word that I do, then my word gets to stay in the game and I earn
a point for myself. If the person guessing guesses the word right,
then I earn another point. The person who is guessing would earn 2 points
for guessing it correctly. You can also lose points. If I show my word and another student has
the same word I do, then I would lose a point. Or maybe I wrote down an illegal word and
I show it, then, you know, I would also lose a point for that as well. If you want to compete even more you can divide
the class into 2 different groups and have 1 person from each group come forward. And those 2 students would be trying to guess
the same word at the same time. So it’s basically a race to hurry to see
who can guess the word first. And the group that won would earn a point
for their group. After the game is over you can award prizes
like candy or a pencil or whatever, that’s up to you. Or you can divide the class into a lot of
different groups, little small groups, and they can just play separate games. You can do voice off the whole time. You can use fingerspelling and sign language. If you want to work on specific words, then
you can do that pertaining to whatever your class is studying. So use your own vocab and your own signs. You don’t have to use the cards that are
in the game. The students can practice their own vocab. So I think I’ve covered all my ideas for the game. I hope that has helped! If you’ve enjoyed watching then please subscribe,
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me please leave them below and I will gladly answer them. Thanks for watching! Bye bye!

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  • We played this is ASL class with her and I can say it’s a lot of fun!! I highly suggest it! Fun classroom game!

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