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Juice WRLD Decodes His 999 Tattoo & Other Hidden Messages | MTV News

– Now, a lot of your music and
even your social media posts, they seem to have hidden messages in it. So, I’m gonna show you
one of these messages and try to get you to
explain the meaning behind the message and the game
that we call Decoded. – Yeah. – Damn, what an intro. Alright. Alright, this is Decoded. So decode for us what is the
meaning behind the numbers 9-9-9. – Ah, cool. So I got it tatted on me. – Yup. – Right here. 9-9-9, if you a person that
believes anything that’s any one view, any type of thing that has to do with the Bible. – Mm-hmm. – Like in the last book of the Bible, it say dat 6-6-6 is the
mark of the Beast, right? – Mm-hmm. – And that’s Satan, that’s
Belfoid, that’s Hell. 9-9-9 represents take whatever hell, whatever bad situation
or whatever struggle you’re going through and turn
it into something positive. And you need to push yourself forward. – Oh snap, okay, you talkin’
Revelations right there. Okay, cool, alright. (audience clapping) Okay, how do you feel about death? – I mean, really, I was just at a point in time where, that just, it clicked. I ain’t even really brainstormed that up. Like, I didn’t like, well if you take this and turn it, nah, it just clicked. Like it was just, I blinked,
you know, it was there. It was in my head, and it’s
just been there ever since. – Okay, that’s good enough for me, man and okay, number two,
decode for us the meaning behind the abyss. (laughing) – We all in the abyss. – Mm-hmm.
– We all are. That’s the way life is. But it’s like, it’s different though ’cause you could have people in the abyss. My music be havin’ people in the abyss and it’s not necessarily a
good thing or a bad thing but just know you always
there, at every point of time there’s the abyss. – Okay, in this game, okay,
you hear that Rich Nice. Alright, the third one. The scientific meaning
behind lucid dreams. Decode that. – That is dreaming and you being aware that you are dreaming and from that point on controlling what happens after that. – Damn man, you 19? – 19.
– Okay, man. Alright, okay. I do dat sometimes in my dreams. I’m aware that I’m dreaming
– Yah. – And then I control the outcome. – It’s your playground.
– That’s my playground. I love those moments. – Yah, that’s cool, you
can do whatever you want. – I don’t have bad dreams
because of it anymore. – Yah, for sure. – I always make my dreams nice and fun. – You know, they say if
you do that consistently, that you have like, you
have like a strong mental. Your mind is strong. And you exercise your
brain that way as well. – I like this young man. Man, Juice Wrld, give it
up for Juice Wrld, man.

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