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Jolly Phonics | Alphabetical Order Sounds + Actions

(music) Hello and welcome to Little Learners. In
this video I’m going to show you the letter sounds in a alphabetical order but if
you’d like to see them in the Jolly Phonics taught order then you can click on
the link in the description box below to see that video. I also just want to put a bit of a disclaimer here to let you know that the actions for each sound are
often quite strange but they always link in with the song or the story so just
go with me on this. So with that in mind let’s take a look at
the first 26 letter sounds and their corresponding actions. /a/. For this sound we
pretend that there are ants on our arm. ah – ah – ah – ah – ah ah – ah -ah /b/ For this we hit our ball with our
bat. /b/ /b/ /b/. now this I long to see /ck/ Now this sound obviously belongs to two different letters: C and K,
and they do have their own individual songs, but they both have the same
action, which is pretending to play castanets /ck/ /ck/ /ck/ /ck/ /ck/ /ck/ /ck/ /d/ For this we get our imaginary d-d-drums.
/d/ /d/ /d/ /d/ /d/ /d/. /e/. For this sound we pretend we are breaking an egg into a
pan. /e/ /e/ /e/ e/. /f/. For this sound we pretend that there is an inflatable floating fish that has got a puncture in it and the air is starting to escape. I would love to have
coffee with whoever came up with these. We put our hands like this and make the sound. fffffff ffffffff /g/. For this we imagine that we are
hearing water g-g-gurgle down the drain. /g/ /g/ /g/ /g/ /h/. For this sound raise your hand and say the sound on to your hand so that
you can feel your breath on your palm. /h/ /h/ /h/ /i/. For this sound we pretend we are a mouse wiping i-ink off of our whiskers. It goes
with the song and story, trust me. /i/ /i/ /i/ /i/ /j/. By far my favourite action and
definitely the most popular in each class that I’ve had so far. We stretch
out our arms and we become jelly. /j/ /j/ /j/ /j/ /l/. Never ‘luh’. /l/. For this
we lick our lollipop.
/l/ /l/ /l/ /l/. /m/. Never ‘muh’. /m/. So this sound is pretty simple,
we just pretend that we are about to eat a really tasty meal. Put your hand on your
stomach and say ‘mmmmm’. /n/. For this sound we said we pretend we are an airplane making a very noisy ‘nnnn’
sound, like this: nnnnnn nnnnnnnn For any of you out there planning on being primary school teachers, just remember that you do have to make a fool out of yourself
every single day. Yeah. Anyway back to business.
/o/. This sound is pretty simple, we just turn the light on and off.
/o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ /o /o/. /p/. For this sound we pretend we are blowing out a candle on a pink pig
cake. Try sating that 10 times fast. pink pig cake pink pig cake (inaudible) Pink? So we put our finger in front of our mouths as if it is a candle we puff out the candle. /p/ /p/. You should be
able to feel your breath on your finger. /p/ /p/ /p/ /qu/. This sound takes Q and U to make
/qu/. For this we pretend we’re a duck quacking. /qu/ /qu/ /qu/ /r/. For this sound we pretend that we are a puppy ripping in a rag. ‘rrrrrrrr’.
Yeah, remember that thing I said about making a fool of yourself? I was not kidding! /s/. For this sound we make our arm a snake going through the grass. ‘ssssss’ ‘sssss’ ‘ssssss’. /t/. For this sound
we pretend we’re watching a tennis game, like so:
/t/ /t/ /t/ /t/ /t/ And remember: /t/ not ‘tuh’. /u/. For this we put up our umbrellas. ‘uh’ ‘uh’ ‘uh’ ‘uh’. /v/. For this sound we get into a van and drive it. ‘vvvvvvvv’.
that sound tickles every time. /w/. For this we pretend that we are blowing the wind over our hands.
/w/ /w/ /w/ /w/. /x/. Now of course this is a sound that we really only ever hear in
the middle or end of words. We pretend we’re taking an x-ray with a special x-ray
camera. ‘ks’ ‘ks’ ‘ks’ ‘ks’. /y/. For this we get our yogurt and we eat it.
/y/ /y/ /y/ /y/. /z/. For this we pretend we are buzzy bees
and put out our wings like so: ‘zzzzzzz’ ‘zzzzzzz’ ‘zzzzzzz’ And so that concludes all 26 letter
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