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Japanese Sign Language Stickers on iMessage

Hey everyone my name is Danny and here is my sign name. 皆さんこんにちはダニーです。サインネームはこれです: For those folks who have an iPhone and use iMessage there’s a new app function called Stickers. It’s different from emojis which you’re all pretty much familiar
with and know how to use. Stickers however is something new. Maybe you’ve
seen the ads on television where teenagers are running around and
slapping different images on people, on their bodies, on their heads, like this:
You might be wondering, “What is this advertisement for?” Well it’s related to
iMessage. When you send a text message you can send Stickers. I’m going to demo
it right now. I’m sending a text message to my friend Jorge who’s a filmmaker. To
access your stickers click on the arrow key next to your iMessage bar, then hit
the app icon, you might see a bunch of different gifts
below that to the bottom left you’ll see four circular shaped objects, the really
unique thing about Stickers on iMessage is that you can take the stickers and
place them anywhere in the message. You can also expand the size of the sticker
click on that and you’ll see a plus sign for the store. That will bring you to the
App Store. The app store in your iMessage is specifically for stickers. In the
search bar, on the top, just type in Japanese sign language and you’ll find
my app right there. tada
Here’s a photo that I took. Through Photoshop, I cut out the background added the English, the Japanese and the pronunciation which is called Romaji. Now
it’s super easy to learn Japanese sign language because these images are on a loop. here’s the Japanese sign language for
“GOOD” or for “NO” and “O-M-G!” Thanks for watching, take care.

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