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Japanese Sign Language for “Honda” 手話で『本田』

Hi my name is Danny and here’s my signing in ASL and JSL. I’d like to continue with Japanese car companies “Honda” here is the kanji the spelling and the Japanese finger spelling of “Honda” “HO” “N” “DA” I’ve been asking my deaf Japanese friends and most of them said the Japanese Sign Language for Honda is this: another sign is this: Do you remember the “DA” in
Toyoda, it’s the same (Kanji) in Honda means “Rice field” the first kanji “Hon”
can mean many different words For instance: “book, root, base, source or
original” doing some research that “Original Rice field” made the most
sense for the origin of this name “Honda” can mean “The Original Rice field” which was founded many many many many many many years ago again here is the Japanese sign language
for Honda: and here’s the second variation: the founder of Honda is Soichiro Honda Before he founded Honda he started a different company Tokai Seiki company He was fascinated with motorcycles and got a job at a (automotive) garage and he worked very well with his hands
he learned the many different parts he made piston rings for cars. He decided to sell his piston rings to Toyota Toyota interested in his piston rings but upon inspection they did not meet their quality and standards. Soichiro was disheartened. At the age of 28 he decided to go back to school he was quite old at
the time to be in college. He did his best with the studies but he wasn’t the
brightest star in class and very much like Naruto, he did not like studying.
The other students around him also made fun of him and his designs. But he
continued with his studies and after graduation he remade his piston rings.
This time he didn’t sell Toyota, but to the Japanese government. This was during World War 2 and the Japanese government was looking for manufacturers to help supply them with goods. However an American us’ bomber flew over and destroyed the factory… A year later he created a new factory in Itawa, but then it was destroyed by an earthquake… He lost two factories within a few years.
He decided to get out of the business and sell the remaining parts of his
factory and plan to Toyota for $5,000 (USD) He focus on his true love, which was motorcycles His main goal is to have his motorcycles
compete in the Isle of Man competition located in the UK his team competed against British and Italian motorcycles but did not even come close to winning this team regrouped focused on improving their bikes and entering the competition again for the next year. This time they won 2nd place! The following year they won consecutively and the whole world started to recognize Honda motorcycles and Japanese
engineering. Mr.Honda wanted to continue to make fast motorcycles. However his business partner, Takeo Fujisawa advised him to not focus on speed, but to
focus on a different market. Instead of marketing to Japanese men they should focus on Japanese women particularly salary men’s wives. In Japanese culture
it is typical for salary men to go to work and earn their wage, while their wives often have to take care of the house the electricity bills, gas bills, water bills and buying food so they are in control of the money. But Takeo suggested that Honda should
make cute motorcycles which were easy to ride. So they made the Honda Super Cub. Many housewives really like this small motorcycle the form is very cute and easy for them to control. Very smart on Fujisawa part. Sales increased in Japan. However Soichiro really wanted to sell to America he knew he had to
compete with Harley-Davidson and image of Harley-Davidson riders but instead of competing for the “bad boy” image they decided to focus on the “Average American” Your average america Joe who goes to school, college or commutes from home to work and they brought the “Super Cub” to
America and it eventually sold very well their campaign ad “You meet the nicest
people on a Honda” really resonated with people. Which is a complete opposite image of a typical Harley-Davidson rider Honda focused on your typical average “American John and Jane” This eventually led to a Honda having a huge market in America and would produce more motorcycles than
Harley-Davidson. With strong sales in motorcycles Honda decided to make cars
and their first vehicle was the “Kei truck Kei trucks are known for being very low cost and are taxed very low by the Japanese government Eventually, Honda would make the Honda Civic the Honda Accord and many other popular cars in 1986, Honda came up with the new idea instead of making vehicles
just for your average person they decided to make luxury cars and created “Acura” Acura is not a separate company, but a luxury vehicle division of Honda, to entice the rich and wealthy market Honda eventually inspire fellow Japanese automakers: Toyota and Nissan to create their line of luxury vehicles for instance, Lexus and InfinitI here are a few Honda vehicles which
are sold only in Japan and maybe a few other countries It’s too bad they don’t sell these cars in America Honda’s famous quote: “Success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% of failure.” So let’s review. How do you sign “Honda” in Japanese Sign Language like this: or like this: In my next video, I may focus on Nissan or Mitsubishi but we’ll see… if you have any questions or comments please let me know. I’m always happy to receive your comments and questions please help me by sharing my videos with your friends. Thank you.

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