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Italian Words of the Week – Cooking

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welcome to Italian weekly words this is ilaria and today’s theme is mmm love
this one cooking couch Inari I love to cook my
piace couch in our first word is sally salt resentiment a Oso is sali Rosa deli
Malaya recently I’ve been using Himalayan pink salt it’s delicious next
word is pepper pepper Nepean Pizza Cody pepper salami salsa Pomodoro I like a
pinch of pepper on my tomato sauce griot a barbecue we also actually use the word
barbecue we pronounce it barbecue just like this we pianola griot a
vicino fiume i like barbecue by the river ingredient ingredient
mr. broy ingredient i perfer la pizza i need ingredients to make pizza do you
know what are the ingredients write them down below in the comments in
Italian please Saltire Impa della stir fry we also use the expression so free
general which is still fried when you fry something lightly just to prepare it
you know for four different preparation for souls for example when you still fry
the garlic we can say so Phrygian my piace zaltar a foam Gimpo de la prima
Demeter lineal insalata I like to still find mushrooms before putting them into
solid but way Saltire them the word the verb subterra means to jump because you
make things you know jump in behind the fry pans
no more cooking for today oh I want to cook more okay so to bed but see you
next time I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and ciao alla prossima you

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